My top 10 favorite video game franchises

Franchises that put the hoo-hah in my doo-dah!

Still arranging this list. I may finish it eventually.

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Posted by Tireyo

Nice list. 
You ever play any Starfox games? 

Posted by JJWeatherman
@Tireyo643 said:
" Nice list.  You ever play any Starfox games?  "
Yes, but not nearly enough. Last time I played 64 though, it was pretty dated. Still fun, but dated. 
Btw, this is not in order, and Sonic may have to be removed. In other words, very incomplete. :P
Posted by Tireyo
@JJWeatherman: No list really has to be in order. = - P Guess you haven't given any attention to the GameCube ones. Assault is pretty neat. 
Meh, if you like it from Sonic 1 to Sonic and Knuckles, then it's complete. I think that the DS versions of Sonic have been successful and fun. That's just me though.