Old games I still want to play

Games that are from the last console generation and back that I never played, and still kinda want to.
I expect a lot of these wont retain the same magic that made them great originally. I can always hope for the best though.

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Posted by Breadfan

I always wanted to play Eternal Darkness, but never just never got around to it. Maybe one day I will.

Posted by JJWeatherman
@Br3adfan said:
" I always wanted to play Eternal Darkness, but never just never got around to it. Maybe one day I will. "
Yeah, it seems pretty alright. Who knows how it will hold up after so many years though.
Posted by Daniel_Newton

Oh dude, play the Wind Waker right now. I LOVED that game.

Posted by Trachalio

I used to have P.N. 03. and kinda regret selling it.
While it felt like it needed a few more months of polish, the overall look of the game was pretty sweet. I really dug the stark, clinical feel of the levels.

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Posted by JJWeatherman
Posted by destruktive

wait, never played metal gears solid? 
You need to get on that horse NOW! "#(¤" etc.

Posted by BitterAlmond

Metal Gear Solid did not age well. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wearing nostalgia goggles. Twin Snakes on the Gamecube re-energizes it enough to be playable, if you are willing to put up with the horrible voice acting and dialogue. 
As someone who dislikes JRPGs with very few exceptions, I would highly suggest Tales of Symphonia. I only ever played the first disc (it was lent to me by a friend who had lost the second CD), but I played it all the way to the end of that disc, which is about 20 hours more playtime than I usually spend on a JRPG before getting bored. I've been told by a friend who is a Tales enthusiast that Abyss was even better.
Viewtiful Joe was magic, simple as that. Get it and its even-better sequel, VJ2 as soon as you can. The art style mixed with the excellent combo-based combat and the hilarious dialogue and premise are so perfectly blended that both games are truly greater than the sums of their parts.