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Sandwich all the way. Burritos are fine, but they are never gonna hold up to a good sandwich.

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If I have internet to play with other people, it has to be Dota 2.

If I am isolated? Dwarf Fortress.

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Wow, congratulations!

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I think it looks great, but I always liked Halo. Obviously it is not polished, it is still in alpha.

But that voice acting was terrible, I thought it was just a random guy did not even realize it was Peter Dinklage.

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I saw on John Drake's twitter he had the same issue.

I guess it only downloads a small chunk at first.

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People talk shit, but me and my friends still play God of War: Ascension online. There is still people playing, though it is almost impossible to find a capture the flag match and it starts to get way slower late at night.

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This is great, I loved Reading Rainbow as a kid. I might have to throw some money at this.

@ben_h That really brings me back, that opening is imprinted in my brain.