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@gravytrain: Duder, do you realize you are replying to someone's post from 4 years ago? Thread lock incoming

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Also hope the new news person (*cough* Cara *cough*) will be enough to fill his shoes here. In any case it is a strange and hopefully exciting future.

If they manage to snag Cara Ellison I would be so happy, her Embed With series is literally the best games writing stuff around at the moment.

Sad to see him go to Kotaku, but if he likes them and wants to do it who am I to shit on that? I just hope he got a fat pay raise.

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Hey, all through school I had some real asshole teachers, so it swings both ways. At least the students are kids. And calling special ed students crazy is totally not cool.

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No option for "never was fun". Always thought it was pretty boring, but I don't really like most platformers so that could have something to do with it.

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Our country was kinda founded with civil disobedience, saying it should never happen ignores American history. Also like the whole civil rights era?

Even if he was not guilty he should have gone to trial, this is just showing the people who live there that the justice system does not give a shit about them.

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I only played vanilla WoW, but EVE is where my MMO love is ever since I started. Not playing right now, but every time I hear about an update I want to resub.

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If you plan on quitting in two weeks I would just put in your notice now and tell them you need to focus on school. No reason to wait till the last second to tell them if you already know.

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Fuck no I am not paying them more money.

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One of the reasons you can check for visiting the site is using the achievement tracker, so was not made by anyone who knows what is going on. Also the music question was weird.

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