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Well damn that is pretty sad. The wall of games did it for me, also the Saints Row IV and Stick of Truth posters...

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I don't really understand, you want something that maps the environment around you better than a map? Seems like changing something for the sake of changing it.

Sure, maybe it does not belong in some games and they could use something else, but its a good feature in the majority of stuff. Calling it "transparently poor game design" is going way too far I think.

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go back into guardian cave to the first light, your vision will clear up, then turn around and walk out and it should be fixed.

Well it is a little late for that guy, but I guess if someone else runs into it they can try this.

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How iconic is the cap?

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San Jose, California

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@generic_username said:
You'll need a Move controller to play Joust, but the rest of the games in it are pure single-screen competitive genius, and if you happen to have a move controller, I hear great things about Joust.

If you get it on PS4, you can use the PS4 controllers for Joust. It sounds like he is using PC though, so that does not help. Even without Joust though I would say it is totally worth it..

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Sportsfriends is the game you are looking for, it is perfect for this kind of thing.

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We really need to be able to flag polls.

Also is that you Jeremy?

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This shit is already taking over my life. Fuck.

Also, @sweep if you can say without breaking ~opsec~, who/where exactly do you mean?

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Free is pretty great! The Lost Vikings was/is awesome, if you have never played it you should get on this. Maybe I can finally finish it.