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Sounds like you think you are better than most people, and with a thread like this I can almost guarantee that you are not. Everyone is a human being duder, treat them like they are.

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@corevi said:

I can only think of one game that has realistic ecosystems, Dwarf Fortress.

This is the first thing I thought of, but I don't think it fits exactly. Because of the current limits on how far you can send your dwarves (only the embark site) you can't really hunt anything, you can just kill whatever happens to wander by your fortress. It might be different in adventure mode, I don't really play that, but I don't think it is.

Do any of the Monster Hunter games do something like this? Or do the animals just respawn whenever you come back to the map? I think it could be interesting in a game like that, could make you think about how much you are hunting one specific animal/type of animal instead of just killing everything you see. I think it could make an interesting game, but then again I think you could make an interesting game out of just about anything if you did it right.

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I am pretty sure it is Audacity, and if that was not the one he mentioned it is still a good one to use.

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I don't see how talking about problems that everyone knows of is being "surprisingly honest", these just seem like patch notes.

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I use one of the chirp noises from Journey as my text message tone, it is awesome.

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Sure, I will drink a 40 or two (or three or four) when I need to. I prefer buying a case of beer though, just because the ass end of a 40 is always gross.

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I don't think these are in the spirit of Breaking Bad, that is reserved for hard games, hence the "breaking" part of the title.

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I wish you could customize who you saw in the box, would be a nice feature. Asking to just exclude Dan would be a dick move, but I think only wanting to see certain staff members tweets is totally reasonable.