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There is a video on his Facebook of him & a friend playing GTA4. Get ready for Video Games to be blamed!

Man that sucks for this guy but you would have to be stupid to think video games aren't a factor, vunerable people with psychotic problems shooting people in the face in games from an early age has to do something. Kid's playing Call of Duty with levels like "No Russian" with some very realistic graphics, when I was a kid you didn't have the realism you have to today in games.

Don't be dense, realistic graphics do not make something real. When you are carrying a controller it is a pretty obvious that the things happening on screen are not real. Don't try to place the blame on video games, or for that matter any type of media.

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The guys facebook just went dark. If it really wasn't him he probably should have made a public post saying so.

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Gun control may not be the right answer to mass shootings. But not talking about what to do is definitely the wrong answer.

Exactly do something, I have posted this alot in these threads but the gun buyback scheme is a step in the right direction. Offer more money than the guns are worth, no questions asked scheme. Alot of illegal arms dealers would make way more money selling their guns at an inflated price to the government, than selling guns to crack heads. Worked very well in Australia in 1996. People only seem to talk about gun control when massacres happen, in 2007 266 people are shot were shot on average every day. But that isn't worth talking about apparently.

Somehow I don't think giving illegal arms dealers more money is in any way a good idea. They are arms DEALERS, so with the inflated price they can turn around and buy more guns from the less discerning places around the globe.

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There is a video on his Facebook of him & a friend playing GTA4. Get ready for Video Games to be blamed!

Wow, fuck Jack Thompson. I don't even know how, but he should not be allowed to fucking talk about anything ever.

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Just heard the first mention of video games....but it was in reference to the kids being able to separate this reality from stuff like games. Of fucking course they will be able to tell the difference.

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@Bourbon_Warrior: 2:51 I believe

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I don't even know if it's hit here yet, but it's not this guy. Do not go after this guy

Oh man, that is pretty fucking terrible. Gotta love the media jumping all over something without confirming it at all. They are still saying it was him.

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This is just sick. What the fuck is wrong with him. It is looking like he killed his dad then went to his moms school and opened fire in her KINDERGARTEN class, killed her too. I am usually all for reviewing mental health stuff, this person was obviously not right in the head, but this is to far. I don't care what mental problems you have, you know better than to shoot up an elementary school.

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@Ben_H: Confirming this. Could you possible get a screen shot a little higher with the Rapelay header for me? I would love you forever.