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I am in San Jose, did not notice anything. The big one is yet to come!

It makes me think about how crazy a bad earthquake could be though... Time to make a bug-out bag I guess.

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I am playing on PS3 and have not had any issues summoning or being summoned. Sometimes you get a lot of "summoning failed" messages, but I am assuming that is because someone else grabbed it before you did.

EDIT: Although, I have never been invaded, and my little brother said he tried and it did not work.

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So you need a desktop?

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What argument? Of course it is a good movie.

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Well, this was weird.

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Why don't you just do it instead of asking a forum if they think it is OK?

EDIT: And you really should read the rules.

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Having my house attacked in the night by a giant group of screaming naked men sounds fucking terrifying.

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Cry me a river, belieber258 PS: The trend continues.

Why are you trying to ruin your own thread?