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Oh jeez, I am bad at finding threads I guess. Did not think the thread with rumor in the title would be the same thing. Never mind then!

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I just want to say that I stand with the OP in his protest.

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So according to this post on the Playstation blog, Driveclub, along with the Playstation Plus version supposed to be available at launch, is delayed till early 2014. I was hoping the rumors were not true, but it seems that they are accurate. Playstation Plus members will get Contrast instead, a game I have never heard of. I am not going to lie, this along with the Watch_Dogs delay makes me far less likely to get a PS4 at launch, though Resogun is still very compelling. It seems kind of crazy to delay a game so close to launch, in my eyes it shows something was seriously broken/bad in the end product. Not confidence inspiring to say the least.

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This thread revival is insane.

I miss HitmanAgent47.

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@seanbooker said:

Hey guys, I'm in a Women Studies class and I have to do a presentation on video games and how they relate to the idea of Women Studies.

@patrickklepek, where do you find the time to teach community college courses?

Not gonna lie, I laughed.

To the OP, literally just google "sexism in video games" or any combination of the words, you will get a bazillion articles.

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PS4 best screws.

Also the single screw HDD replacement thing is cool.

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@sathingtonwaltz: Oakland gets a really bad reputation, and some parts of it definitely deserve it, but there are some areas that are pretty nice. But even then you are going to be near bad areas, if you are not down for that kind of thing staying away is the safe bet. I have never been into San Leandro, but I know Union City and Fremont right under it. Both of those are pretty nice, and I don't remember anything super shitty near the freeway, I am guessing it is similar to them. I hope you like Asian food, area has a very large Korean/Chinese population, and some of those hole in the wall Korean/Chinese food places are amazing. It also looks like San Leandro has a BART(Local train, runs from Fremont up through Oakland and into San Francisco(when they aren't on strike)) station, so getting into the city (Oakland or San Francisco) will be pretty easy. I would still advise taking a trip and scouting out whatever specific locations you have in mind, the Bay Area has little hidden ghettos everywhere, but San Leandro seems like a good choice.

EDIT: Oh and you guys are gonna need to squish if you want to make it on minimum wage, I am not kidding when I say it is difficult. I was making $15 an hour full time and was literally living on top ramen half the time with a one bedroom apartment.

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I live in San Jose, about 45 minutes from San Francisco, for a 1 bedroom apartment that is not a complete dump it is usually at least $1,100 per month, so its not super cheap. I don't know if you guys have good jobs lined up here or something, but living on entry level wages is very difficult, though having roommates should help. Yeah there are gonna be some places you don't really want to live, but it will be pretty obvious usually. I like San Jose myself, but I hate San Francisco which it sounds like you enjoy. Those fucking one way roads are the most stressful thing in the world. Since you have family out here you should take a trip and look online for places up for rent and drive to the neighborhood and see what is around, I don't really know what you are looking for specifically. Let me know if you need any other info, I have lived in the Bay Area for a while.

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Use newegg, retail stores usually jack the prices on cables way up. Newegg page for HDMI cables is here.