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the best part for me was the announcement of a PS3 price cu--i mean SKU. i was pissed at first 'cause of no BC, but i remembered i have an old ps2 lying around the house. after FF13 was announced i doubted i would ever get a ps3, but shit, for $400, you cant go wrong with that. EDIT also LBP got a release...time frame. I am psyched for that game.

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I cant seem to delete my Favorites List. I can delete my other lists, but not my favorites list for some reason.

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I don't watch any current TV shows, I watch old shows like Friends, Fresh Prince, Threes Company, etc. Every now and then I'll watch an episode of Dr. Phil.

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I saw an video on this site where a developer said "Shit" so I'm guessing that cursing isn't that big of an issue.