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Tetris Attack on the SNES, Psi Ops The Mindgate Conspiracy on the PS2/Xbox, and Drakengard on the PS2.

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Coming from a person who owns all 3 systems, I think Nintendo really shot themselves in the foot this generation. They should've at least released a system that is graphically capable of handling powerful engines such as UE3. By making a weak (graphically speaking) system, Wii is missing out on games like Bioshock, Oblivion, GTA4, RE5, Fallout 3, CoD4, etc.

As for Online, I personally am not affected by the lack of a headset since I don't use it on my other systems (at least not yet). Ninty needs to grow some balls and drop this 'friend codes' bullshit. We do not live in the 1980s anymore, the days of inputting a long ass code that no one will ever remember are gone. I appreciate Ninty for trying to protect younger kids from internet predators, but this is just insane. The Virtual Console is a great idea, but I'd like to at least see SOME modernization to them, at least some kind of leaderboard.

I don't hate the Wii, its got some great games, and I think 3rd party devs are starting to get serious about their games. I just hope Nintendo ditches this 'casual' image and give both sides equal attention. 
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WipEout HD.

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is this out in the US yet?

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I agree. Image contributions are an easy way to earn points, but once I got past 1000, i focused more on fixing more important information on pages, such as release dates (mainly these since you cant submit reviews for games without a release date), platforms, publishers, etc and other small things like grammar and typos in articles.

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I wanna see some reviews / demo first but it looks like a really good game for $20

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mmm...tasty babies.

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Silverain said:

 “This is extreme. This is totally extreme. Well, if they have that much time on their hands … go for it.”

Maybe next time, you should just pay for the drink, dumb bitch. Sorry, had to get that out of my system.
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My 17" Macbook Pro.