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I'll give it a shot

PSN: jlrm01

Region: Puerto Rico

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Mine are:

  1. (497) Low Profile - Lowest average altitude (I crouch a lot, I guess ^^;)
  2. (377) None Spared - Killed entire enemy team
  3. (292) AR Specialist - Most assault rifle kills
  4. (286) Sixth Sense - No deaths from behind
  5. (262) Spy Game - Most time watching killcams (if I'm playing bad I'm usually looking at the replays a lot... also if I'm sleepy.)
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I just use the 360 controller's D-Pad. No money for anything "fancier" at the moment.

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@lordofultima: I'll be online most of the day, I hope ^^
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SFIV is my favorite game this year, like in your case. After more than 9000 matches (number... is... familiar...) I still play it pretty much every day. So much to learn, still. >< Soon I won't be able to kick your ass anymore, hehehe. ^^; If you keep practicing that is.
Nice blog... the fact that Ayane is looking at me is a very welcome bonus. ^^;

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Gamertag: jlrm01

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Gamertag: jlrm01
I'm pretty bad atm, but I'll do my best. ^^

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@Stang: I know I spent a ton of time in training mode in the beginning (not anymore). At the moment I have no way to upload a pic. Sorry. ^^
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Some of my stats:
Play time: 602.23
Number of fights: 6518
Win rate: 52.28%
Chun-Li 99.57% of the time
I'm not very good at it... but sure play it a lot. ^^

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Nicely done, as usual. :) I wish I had the memory you have to remember all that. ><
I laughed at some of the pics and descriptions of my character, hehehe. For some reason I thought when you said "screenshot" during my "speech" that you were joking. I should have known better. ^^ I was actually crafting there, in that pic, you know. It's just that sometimes I'm afk so I leave her like that for a bit. ;)
You suggested I showed some pics I have in my comment... I've begun taking a few of my own... so:

 Red and Violin against the Turtle from Hell (read as: just a regular turtle)
 Enjoying the View

 Enjoying the View Part II


 Totally Enjoying the View Part  Who Knows
I love the character designs in Aion. ^^