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Would this game even get a sequel anytime soon? Blitz went from the 2003 season  (with a license) to 2005's Blitz the League. BTL 2 came out in 2008. The only reason they can get away with yearly Maddens is to reflect players who change teams. Does Natural Motion plan on having a game come out next year? If the NFL goes on strike, you never know.

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@DevWil: I disagree. This is a site that covers video game news. Whether it appeals to your personal tastes or not, Madden is a video game, and a pretty popular one at that. It's not like this story took a lot of effort to put together; all it took was access to the demo, which the author had because he writes for a video game site.
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@random_guy23: It's called football because the ball is 12 inches (1 foot) long.