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If there any open slots in the guild I would love to join. The lincoln cast is actually what got me to buy GW2! My ID is Mighty Meisch.4927

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I went with asura, I love the little goofy races lol. Ya i noticed that Felicia Day voiced zojja too, pretty surprised by that, but ya i just feel the story is kinda meh. I feel like they introduce you to all these characters and just try to make them meaningful right away with not a lot of context. As the missions went on it just kinda piled up but idk i feel like i may be to overly critical ill probably stick it out more on my play through with my engi and see if it picks up more. I do really appreciate the light hardheartedness of it all tho. I don't really like mmo's that drop you in and are like "yo there's some mutha fucken big evil over there, now go stab it with this rusty spork."

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sweet guys thanks for the help. I went with the mesmer and I am around 11 right now. So far i really enjoy gw2, i love the world but i feel the story is really weak. I have just started to ignore it and powering through the story missions.

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Hi, just bought the game after listening to a few episodes of the lincolncast. I played a lot of gw1 and I am really enjoying gw2 so far but i have a bit of a dilemma. I cant decide between the engineer and the mesmer. I love characters that really control the flow of combat and have a ton of utility. the mesmer seems like it is all about the control while the engineer seems its all about the utility so I am having trouble pinning which one to focus on first. So i turn to you community of giant bomb with a few questions. What profesion shines at high lvl? which one is more viable in pve/pvp? what are good crafting professions for either class? also what are just some good tips for starting out in gw2(gold making tips, lvling, etc.) thanks in advance! hopefully get to meet up in play with some of y'all in game soon!

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ya i really do, I am going to buy the game eventually just wondering if it is one of those Go. Buy. Now. games lol

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i have just enough money to buy this. Should i go run out as fast as my legs can carry me and get it?