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Diminishing returns in Albion 0

The Fable series is one of the more curious products in modern gaming. Hyped to the nth degree when the first iteration came out, on the old XBox, Fable was, nonetheless, an enjoyable, slightly daft and entertaining RPG. It was irreverent towards genre tropes in such a way that you couldn't help laughing alongside the game's designers and while the mechanics were fairly simple they were still rewarding and kept you playing for many hours at a stretch. Fable II, on the 360, was a game quite clea...

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The Best Old School Title on the PSP 0

Trails in the Sky is, looked at one way, a prosaic experience, it boasts nothing in terms of innovation, has a desperately dated graphical engine and utilises modes of play which were properly delineated some fifteen years ago. So... what makes this obscure title one of the most compelling games on the PSP?  Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is a port of Japanese Roll Paying Game brought out for the PC about eight years ago. It is part of series of games which the developers (Falcom) have been...

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An Entertaining Romp Through Well Trod Territories. 0

One of the things about reviewing, be it games, films, books, music, is that all too often the subject matter in hand is interesting in inception but poorly carried through. You sit there and think that the writer, the director, the animators, sound guys, whoever, somehow misjudged either work itself, or more often their ability to bring the product to life. In the end what is produced tends to be a mishmash of poorly put together elements whose only real appeal lies in the strength of the origi...

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Fails to Achieve its Potential But Boy Is It Still Fun 0

inFamous 2 improves on the original in so many ways that it seems a shame to decide that it's not as good a game. Having romped through the adventure and had an whole bunch of electrifying fun, I put down the controller as the end  credits rolled and had to reason out why I was less satisfied the second time around.   In recent times we've been blessed with sequels which have surpassed the originals. Mass Effect 2, Assassin's Creed 2 and Red Dead redemption were all improvements on the games whi...

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Quality Old School Fun. 0

Turn based JRPGs are a little thin on the ground now days. Not an utterly unreasonable thing, after all  for all things there is a time, and some of the newer real time JRPGs have been pretty good. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn though, mmmmm, yeah baby, that brings it.  Dialling down the perv factor a bit , this game is good. Its basic mechanics are at least 15 years old, it characters and setting archetypes much more so. Does it feel stale, over done, used? Nope, not a bit of it. It is probably the bes...

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Killed by Cliche 0

As the title of this review suggests White Knight Chronicles is not one of my preferred games. It is a game with several problems, the most obvious of which is that its story is so hackneyed that only the most neophyte of gamers would fail to see the "twists". Beyond that there are problems with the childish nature of the characters and the dire dialogue and the fact that it's almost painfully easy to play.  Given that run down you might ask why as high as two stars? It's a fair question. Well t...

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Wild, Weird and Wacky 0

Given its release date many people have compared this game to Final Fantasy XIII. You really can't, it would be like comparing an apple with a banana, and Resonance of Fate is definitely a banana.  The game has an odd structure, peculiar characters, a complex combat system which drops you in right at the deep end and says sink or swim and a plot which seems to make ever less sense the deeper you get into the story. For a casual gamer this one is never going to a winner.  If you preserver however...

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