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Gotta agree with Scarecrow in Arkham Asylum. My favorite game of the year, but man the other boss fights in that game were a real letdown. Scarecrow is a big bright spot in that game though.

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LOVED this game back when it came out. It'd be fantastic if Capcom would continue the series.

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@L4wz: I liked Live and Reloaded as well, but it had its issues. I thought the multiplayer was fun for a few rounds but the novelty of squirrels and teddy bears killing each other wore off quick (didn't think that was possible) and the single player had some camera and control issues. But DAMN did that game look great when it came out.
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I'm guessing it'll come down to Modern Warfare 2 and Uncharted 2, but I'd go with Batman.

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My Top 3 would be: 
1. Batman: Arkham Asylum 
2. Borderlands 
3. Street Fighter IV

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Man I am jonesin' bad for a new platformer from RARE...

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I'm a big Resident Evil fan but I really disliked RE5. I guess I thought they learned their lesson when it came to sticking with a formula for too long. I was wrong. 
 That and MUA2.

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Just wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on the show. Give your opinions, theories and comments here.

I really liked last weeks show, probably because Locke and Ben are my two favorite characters. I love that Locke has finally found his way (or so it seems at the moment) and seeing Ben not in control was awesome.

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Winter. Can't sleep in the summer man, too damn hot.

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