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The next logical step is arresting the ex-employees and giving them lengthy prison sentences.

That'll teach those fuckers.

You can't send someone to jail with a civil claim.

You guys should read a Law for Dummies manual or something.

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@AMonkey said:

Nice to see Activision Blizzard acting like douche bags. Defense of the Ancients is the official name of the Warcraf 3 mod, DotA is short hand. DOTA 2 is the entire name and is not short hand for anything. Hopefully Activision Blizzard doesn't have a case.

TBH, they completely do. DOTA was made using Blizzard's Warcraft III editor. That gives Blizzard every right to deny Valve the franchise name.

Also, none of this changes the fact that League of Legends is for all intents and purposes the real MOBA successor to DOTA.

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@CaLe said:

"Meh". That's about all I can muster for this game.

That's remarkably constructive and communicative of you. Thank you for your input.

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@Lagaroth said:

Because some people have different opinions on what is generic and boring than you do. /gasp

I don't get how generic can be an opinion.

Okay, let's put it another way. Your definition of generic is wrong.

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@TooWalrus said:

He became over-leveled super quickly and spent the back 40 hours of the game with literally no challenge at all- which sounds almost game-breaking (unless mindless button mashing is your thing).

Yeah, but Skyrim was given a 5/5 and called 2011 GOTY, and the same exact thing happened in that game to me with Blacksmithing/Enchanting. So his rationale isn't consistent.

I'm fine with Jeff's criticism of the game, but then he should also go back and re-review Skyrim with his take on it. I'm tired of Bethesda always getting a free pass on criticism even though their games suffer from the same old problems of instability and grindy gameplay iteration after iteration. This review, to put it simply, isn't fair when compared to Brad's Skyrim review, especially considering how universal the acclaim was for Skyrim, which was basically broken on launch.

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I'm watching Game of Thrones on HBO atm, so kudos to Howard.

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Yay @ Adam Sessler.

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@ashriels said:

"I don't think I've ever seen a more pathetic-looking attempt at player retention."

Wow, Jeff. Reading into it much?

Yeah that is such a fucking whiny and jaded statement it's unreal!

Yup. I can't believe Jeff actually put this article up.. this article just reeks of pathetic.

But I suppose these guys would know a lot about a pathetic attempt at getting subscriptions since they have put the Bombcast up for ransom before.

You'll reek of pathetic if you get to lvl 50 and you continue defending this game as a fresh and unique MMO experience as compared to WoW, because it isn't. Also, the National Lampoon comparison is totally warranted.

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Wow, big surprise. A congressman plays Anivia.......

Low blow, duder. Low blow.

In the spirit of LoL I thought Id troll with a vague dis. Im not even sure what I was implying.

Anivia is a feathery carry whose passive allows her to be reborn after getting killed. Sort of like Newt Gingrich after the 1997 ethics violation stint.

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@Kevitivity, @jmrwacko

Oh cool, I was hoping we could start a political argument. Those always end up awesome and worth the effort...

For the record, SOPA was introduced by a Republican, PIPA was introduced by a Democrat. They have supporters and opponents on both sides. So much for convenient generalizations.

I realize SOPA/PIPA had bipartisan support, I was remarking on the other poster's "tax and spend" remark.

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When asked about copying in social games, Riccitiello said this: “Fast iteration and mimicry is something we have to guard against.”

Didn't really guard too well against that when you guys developed SWTOR to be WoW in space, did you?