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Well, good news everyone, some functionality has been restored.

- I can now edit/add things in Firefox again (only worked for me in Opera before)

- I can re-order my lists in both Firefox & Opera again

However: I can only re-order lists in Firefox by changing the number in the box, I can't interact with the little up/down quick move arrows, though I can in Opera.

Granted I have NoScript running in Firefox and since Opera is a backup browser for me it's pure (ie. no add-ons installed) but I'm pretty sure that's not a factor as I've checked the scripts running and I'm not blocking anything that should affect anything visually on the site.

Also I still have this other issue with un-deletable lists that I sent off as an e-mail bug a bit ago, that's still not fixed, but I may post that as a separate topic here later since it's a bit involved and niche of a problem I'm sure.

Anyway, progress.



Further update:

I spoke to soon about the site being usable on Firefox it seems. Not being able to interact with the up/down buttons unfortunately also means you can't hit the remove button either to get rid of items from your list, which makes it a bust to bother adding anything in Firefox

Anyone else have this issue? (Firefox 19)

I tried things out in Chrome (which also has no add-ons), and it's working as good for me as Opera.

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@irrelevantjohn: That may be. I could've sworn it was AMD too so I googled the issue quick before my post and found a page saying it was Intel so I figured I was mistaken. I do believe it was PS3 sticks only anyway because my R1 360 stick works in my AMD system. I actually have the R1 PS3 stick as well I could test but it's boxed up somewhere in a closet so, yeah, nah.

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Another +1 to just get -any- T.E. (Tournament Edition) stick from MadCatz. They're tops, and officially licensed, with high quality and easily switchable parts, seriously you need look no further, only hardcore pros might go with some sort of different custom unit, and even then it's probably just preference, there's literally nothing better than a MadCatz T.E. stick right now, they're stellar and it's worth the extra investment for the T.E. version so you can switch any broken parts down the line easily.

As far as PC goes, another great thing about MadCatz's sticks are that the PS3 & 360 sticks work on PC.

There is one small caveat though, the PS3 sticks don't work on Intel boards, more specifically, USB ports powered by Intel controllers. I know, that sounds insane, USB is USB right, so it should work you'd think, but apparently not for some reason, I'm not sure on the specifics. All is not lost though, you just need to get a non-Intel PCI/PCI-e USB card to plug it into and then you're set (good opportunity to get some extra USB 3.0 or SATA III ports if you're in need). Also, there's no isse on AMD boards.

The 360 stick is fine for both AMD & Intel boards.

That info. was true at least for the original SF IV vanilla sticks that came out, they've gone through a bunch of branding revisions since then, so perhaps they've ironed out that issue since then, should do a search on it if you think it'll be an issue.

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+1 to getting 404 errors when I move the order of items in the list, also I get random 404s if I add too many items in a row or add a good amount of items + add descriptions.

To answer dcgc's question though:

"I cannot remove items from lists, the remove button doesn't work. Even when I try to remove by erasing the item number (which the item then disappears), when saving I get the 404"

I also have this issue in both Firefox and Chrome (without scripts blocked) however it is working fine for me in Opera. Haven't tried it in IE or Safari yet.

I have to say that just in general since the site relaunch everything seems buggy as hell.

*Further update:

Well, scratch that about things being functional on Firefox, I forgot that no interactions with the arrows also means no interactions with the remove button for getting rid of games, so I'd say it's still basically unusable on Firefox.

Anyone else having this issue?

I tested things on Chrome (also free of add-ons), and it's as usable as Opera as.