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Tiger Woods 09 Much Better than 08 0

If you played Tiger Woods 08 last year you came to the conclusion that they must have fallen asleep at the wheel.  The game penalized you too much for miss shots.  The game shipped broken as you couldnt complete the Tiger Challenge until a patch had to come out.  And overall the game felt sloppy.  Another year later another Tiger Woods and the thinking was did they wake up and fix what was broken and for the most part they did.  The new coach mode in Tiger Woods is a great edtion and helps you k...

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Mercenaries 2 Not worth the wait! 0

As a fan of the original Mercenaries, i was looking forward to the Mercenaries 2.  However the game kept getting delayed and delayed and i began wondering if all that time was being put to good use.  In the end the game ended up being i think a shadow of its former self.  The story is pretty basic and can be forgotten after the first hour or so of gameplay.  You'll pretty much be focusing on doing jobs for all the factions while not letting other factions know you causing them trouble.  The only...

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