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@dharmabum: Exactly. Why I'll probably jump in to the multigame playlist every once in a while. I really just want to play 1 and 2 on their own. Also online competitive play probably won't like having to deal 4 different physics engines in a playlist.

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I know that they are going to have a playlist that picks maps across all Halos, but are they going to have playlists that are only say Halo 1 or Halo 2 maps? Me and my friends really just want to play those but I can't find anything confirming it.

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I hopefully should be able to make it tomorrow. Need to run a bunch of errands so we'll see. Hopefully we get a bunch of people due to the free weekend.

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So I'm thinking about taking a week off work and doing a one week roadtrip either with a friend or by myself. Preferably with a friend, but I'm having trouble thinking of things to do. I'm in the southwest region of Virginia and this won't be until June or July but so far Chicago and New Orleans are on my radar. I figured I would open it up to the community to suggest places or things to do.

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Had fun despite my early issues getting the radio installed and changing from the dev build to regular Arma. I still think my radio was not exactly correct. I was hearing the other squad too. A lot of my Saturdays are busy but I'll definitely jump on if I have a chance next time.

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@jasonr86: Almost as many as Manu Ginobili in a season.

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Ghost Story by Jim Butcher (Part of the Dresden Files)

Galveston by Nic Pizzolatto

I had actually blown through the rest of Dresden Files a while back but stopped mid book in Ghost Story right before Cold Days came out. Initially I didn't like it due to story elements that happened but going back now its fine and I'm liking it. I'll be reading Cold Days next and I should be done with both before the end of the month and then I'll pick up the new release Skin Game.

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I don't play a ton of card games but have in the past. I've had the most fun playing Hearthstone but I also play it differently than the other card games I've played. I've only used the starter decks so far but I play it almost like a puzzle game. I might sound crazy but I look at each turn as a small puzzle to solve. Which pieces do I move to "win" this turn. The upside is that so long as I do well at that board control just falls into place. I doubt I did a good job explaining how I play but maybe when I get off work I'll edit it to make more sense.

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I haven't seen a ton of his movies but I loved Yojimbo and Sanjuro as well as the classic Seven Samurai. I want to see the rest, I just haven't gotten a chance.

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I was looking forward to this, but the unnecessary delay killed all of the momentum for me. I've basically went from day one purchase to maybe if I find it for $9.99 or under. The same thing happened with Rayman Legends. That's just me though.