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$13.2 Million

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I've been playing a bit. I'm Jnal on there as well feel free to add me.

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It's been pretty good so far. Its mostly been me flying around figuring out what I want to do. On the developer forums people are trying to change the influence of different sectors to start conflicts. Also I was a little overwhelming when I opened up the galaxy map and my small section of the galaxy had like 400 places to see. I'll try and throw up some screenshots later. My Commander name is Jnal if you want to add me.

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I've been going back and forth on this game. I've been chasing the Freelancer high for years and never gotten it. I'm going to decide wither or not I am going to buy it tomorrow and if I do then I am ordering a track ir to have it by Monday to set up for launch. Also should we set up a group or something of like minded people so we can meet up in game? I don't know if it has a clan or corp system but if it does I would be interested in joining if I pick it up. Also are any of the duders playing EVE interested? I feel they would probably be some of the few to jump in and know what they are doing right off the bat.

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I haven't played since the first major content update. How are the new cards?

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If Ceaser in Gaul is still available I'll take it.

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I think this year is not going to be a real fight for what is number one but what deserves to be top ten because I can't really even think of 10 games. I assume there will be a few more indie games in this years list for everyone. Jeff typically likes the big dumb stupid games like Call of Duty and Far Cry. I haven't heard Jeff say much about any games but I'm hoping Mordor ends up being the overall game of the year. I didn't grab me like it did others but it was one of the few games I beat this year and I would like to see more of that nemesis system expanded on and utilized in more games like a mercenaries game like they were talking about On the podcast. After that ramble I will say Far Cry 4 will have a good shot for Jeff's number one.

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Yeah networking has never been my strong suit. Personally job wise as long as its a company that treats its employees well has good benefits and pays enough to not scrounge around paycheck to paycheck then I'm fine with it so long as its not a retail job or sales. I've done both and hated it. I'm really a research or support guy.

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Hey guys have any of you ever done a cross country job search before? Please share your experiences below!

I'm looking to get a job out of the area here in Virginia and started looking at the mid west like Kansas City or even the Bay Area as when I visited I really liked it, but would like to get a job line up before I make the move. So far I haven't even been able to get a call back on any of the jobs I applied for that I am easily qualified for. Just wanted to know if anyone has had success and what you did you do that you believed helped.

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I searched on the app and Giant Bomb Squad appeared but nothing else. I am on Xbox One.