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Currently use Ally Bank.

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Still can't login to Xbox live.

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This thread is amazing.

So great to look at what people thought of the game back then. Hahaha.

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@randomhero666 said:

@manmadegod: Because this is the internet, and a games website.. the chances of any religious opinion becoming a flame war is 99%

If this community is not mature enough, then maybe topics about Religion should not be allowed. I have very strong feelings about Muhammad and Islam, and wish to express them just as other express their [positive] feelings. I'm not going to start a flame war. I'll simply be very honest and say Muhammad's birthday should not be celebrated.

I understand what you mean. But don't do it in a thread made by a muslim wishing everyone a good day, on a day that is important to them.

This isn't the time and place to talk about your dislikes about religion or Islam.

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@jneam: Nintendo ID is used for the Wii U, and Friend codes is for the 3DS. At least Nintendo is learning as they go on but at a really slow pace.

Alright, that's some good news!

Still, I have a 3DS, sucks that it's still friend codes.

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@mr187uk said:

You can log into Miiverse with the same ID from both devices and share balances, but purchases are not tied to your account. Which is a shame, Nintendo need to sort this out!

Also I'd like to see Cross-buy across the eShop (Virtual console would be a good starting point).

Gahhhhh, this one thing is basically keeping me from buying a Wii U because I know I will want to buy games digitally -_-

For multiplayer, can I give someone my Nintendo ID instead of a friend code?

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So, I'm still kinda confused as to what the NNID does.

So it finally gives me an account like a live or PSN account that I can use to sign into. That part I get.

I also know that the 3ds and WII U have a combined eshop wallet and that consoles can be linked.

So now, besides that, what else does it do?

Does it finally allow for digital games to be tied to an account?

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I feel for you. :(

Man, hearing that Square Enix is messing up on both platforms is like wtf.

However, why do you say its Google's fault? It is an open platform. Square Enix is responsible for their product.

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I think it's a bit sad that nobody seems to be able to just play Dark Souls without streaming it, the game is more interesting when you're watching someone that knows what they're doing.

I think its sad that people keep coming on here complaining about that. No one is forcing you to watch.

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For Morrowind, get the Morrowind Graphics and Sound Overhaul. That is pretty much a must have.

Now for gameplay related things, that is more of user preference. Here are some good lists I've checked and used. Notice that the last two haven't been updated since 2009, but still has good stuff on it.

Definitely check the first link though.