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No I haven't gotten in trouble. It isn't hard to keep your mouth shut & stay out of trouble.

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@Hizang said:

I'm happy, look Diddy Kong is stoked!

(Original Avatars rock.)

Yours is an original I take it? & I hope you like mine: it's been the same avatar since I left GameSpot for GB many moons ago.

@Deusx said:

This awesome duder gave me Dungeons of Dremor as a gift! That was cool. Other than that, it´s been a shitty day...

I've never played that game, but a gift is always nice. Have you seen Indie Game The Movie?

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@Unchained said:

I recently came out of a divorce (no kids). I lost a lot of my income, half my pension, most of my furniture and I'm in debt up to my eyeballs. I kept the house and dog and not much else. That said, I'm out of a terrible marriage and I've started seeing a new girl and life is looking up. Whether this new relationship ends up working or not, my life has never been this happy ...ever. Years ago, I was diagnosed with depression and just this past week my therapist said I don't display any of the symptoms anymore. I don't mean this in a d-bag way, but this divorce is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

It's hard to lose something you've worked so hard on, but you should always respect your self-worth. I'm sorry to hear about the divorce, but I hope it leads you to an even brighter future.

In the darkness, even the smallest beacon of light shines bright, & I know you'll find what you're looking for. Don't ever let anyone sour your view on life, or taint your heart/good will.

You want to stay the special person you are for the next woman you fall in love with, so you can give her your all, someone will truly appreciate you one day.

You don't sound like a douche, you sound liberated, I'm sincerely happy to hear about your depression. Depression is a hard burden to live life with & you're a strong man for having overcome that adversity. (:

I'm really happy to hear how joyful & love filled your life has become. You're winning buddy. (=

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@dachen said:

As stated by many others, I just want to say this is one of the most heart warming threads I've come across on the internet in a long, long time.

This really made me smile.

Ahhhh. That makes me feel good. It was my goal & I wasn't confident I'd reach my goal. :D Thanks all!!!

Feels kinda special, right?! =)

@Knave said:

@jNerd: Your post did :).

Epic! (: I'm smiling right now just from reading that. We're all winning!

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@Knave said:

@jNerd: Don't worry chap, i changed it.

That was kind & I appreciate it. You just made me feel very special & I sincerely thank you.

Want to share anything that's made you smile lately? (:

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Interesting retort from Microsoft. I see they call bologna on Phil blaming them for everything.

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@eroticfishcake said:

@jNerd: I'm lactose intolerant myself. The dairy products just override the effects of the alcohol. Also I die a little knowing that we're not GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!

I need to lie down...

You're good enough for me buddy, it's just hard weeding through the butt-heads, to find kind people online. So we started our own smaller community. (:

Take care of yourself bro. Feel better. :D

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@TruthTellah said:

Well, I'll say this. Even if she was the best gamer in existence, playing co-op with her would -still- probably hinder your performance. I would not recommend the game for its co-op. It's a nice diversion to try, but there is no way you will ever get past 1-2 with a co-op partner unless you want a really tedious, trudging experience. This is a single-player game, plain and simple. She can compete with you to see how far you can get and how much money you earn. That's the best multiplayer experience you'll have with her.

Thanks for saving me some microsoft points, I wasn't too interested in the game, but I especially don't want it now.

I need to find some easier multiplayer games to play with my lady besides side-scrollers & beat'em ups.

@eroticfishcake said:

Now that I've sobered up a bit (cheese does great wonders) where have you been? I feel like a lot of old users I know from three or two years ago have disappeared on me!

Cheese is sobering? If only my girlfriend wasn't lactose intolerant! I use GiantBomb more to consume media instead of contributing to the wiki/community anymore.

I love this place but I hang out with all my duders on Google+ now. We keep a tight lid on things & we weed out the n00bs.

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@TruthTellah said:

@jNerd: I would recommend Spelunky for a lot of things, but co-op is not one of them. The game is usually way too unforgiving for co-op, and it's usually more of a detriment than an aid.

Now, that being said, if you're almost done with Super Meat Boy, this game may actually be for you. ha. Neither Fez nor Spelunky should be too hard or frustrating for you.

My one main concern is that I would get frustrated with my girlfriend hindering my performance. I'm usually very patient with her, but I feel like Spelunky is very unforgiving.

My girlfriend is actually trying to beat Super Meat Boy to prove to me she is true gamer. I told her I'd think about getting a Super Meat Boy / Bandage Girl tattoo with her if she could beat it.

I honestly said that because I don't expect her to finish it, but now she's just using that as motivation. hahaha

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I thought you duders might appreciate hearing about my good time at San Diego Comic Con. I haven't gotten to share this with many people who fully appreciate it, but I met Cliffy B & Ed Boon on the convention floor. (: Ed's smile was fading because that was the third picture he took. The gentlemen who took them for me had shaky hands & Mr. Boon was busy.