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@believer258 said:

I mowed the lawn for my great grandmother this morning, watched Pulp Fiction with my brother, ate pizza, got on forums, played Torchlight, now I'm back on forums, and now I've got a good mind to leave them again and finish off Doom 3.

So, yeah, not really a bad day. My college called and e-mailed me to kindly tell me that I need to give them some money when they've thus far not even so much as warned me that it's past due, which kind of pissed me off but kind of is my own fault because I knew the due date for next semester's fees were coming up anyway; this just brings it to the forefront of my mind.

Here's a good question: Why is it that we can list all of the positive things we've done today in one sentence but feel like taking up the same space to tell only one negative thing?

Because we're so happy all the time, we stop appreciating how great things truly are, so we notice the unbalance more then just appreciating how great life usually is.

It always makes me feel great to help out my Grandma. (: I never finished Doom 3 - I had a hard time finding all the PDAs.@zombiebigfoot said:

On-topic though, my day has been spent cleaning on-and-off while blasting music. It's meh.

It always feels good once you're finished cleaning, you get to sit back & admire all your hard work.

Is the music keeping you happy? (:

@CaptainObvious said:

@jNerd: No problem man, just make sure to play at least the first hour to get the story really going.

Done! I'll give it an hour to get good. (: What's your favorite part of the game? Is it a game-play feature or plot point?

@Dixego said:

@jNerd: How could I not post, when you're such a nice guy!

I was a little worried this thread was going to turn into a troll-fest. (: Thanks for being constructive. (:

@Napalm said:

I bought some water and milk. I was out of toasted honey oat cereal. I bought two boxes, and had two big bowls, and chugged the honey-sweet milk afterwards. That made my day.

The sugary milk at the bottom of a bowl of cereal is one of life's simple pleasures! A++++

P.S. I just tried out chocolate Cheerios for the first time. I give them an A- (;

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@falserelic said:

@TheDudeOfGaming said:

@falserelic said:

No man can be that happy. Even Jesus wasn't that happy.

You can be, when you're high. OP seems like a good duder.

He is a good dude a happy one. If the world was coming to an end he will still be happy. He is the most happiest man in the universe. I love you OP! share your happiness with the world.

Mission accomplished.

Awwwwwwww........ (: I have a great group of friends from GiantBomb on Google+. We have a great chatroom (Messenger/Huddle) called Duder Island.

I feel like I enjoy my time with them so much, we've become such good friends, I forget to come to the forums sometimes.

@ShaggE said:

I just woke up a couple of hours ago (trying to undo the sleep schedule screwup from my last bout of insomnia), but spending time with my rats always makes me happy, so tonight is off to a good start.

That's great, at least you have nice pets, what are there names? I've never had rats, when I was younger I had a mischievous hamster. lol

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@Tesla said:

I went to the batting cages with a few friends today, and there was a women softball team there practicing.

Hahaha, I thought you said BATTLING cages. I was definitely excited for you to elaborate! :P

It's the simple things in life... (: lol

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@CaptainObvious said:

@jNerd: The single player is the meat and bones of this game, I highly recommend it.

Sweet, I'll definitely give it a try as soon as I finish Max Payne 3. Thanks for sharing duder, I would've never played it without your recommendation@Dixego said:

@jNerd: I'm probably gonna lurk the GiantBomb forums for the rest of the night. But I'm OK with that.

That sounds like a good night to me. (: Thanks for being kind enough to post. I just wanted to lighten the spirits around here & I feel like this has been a positive experience so far.

Then again we're only on page 2. (;

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@TruthTellah said:

I went to the doctor today, got blood drawn, and received some allergy medicine which will hopefully help. heh. An exciting day indeed. Been able to watch some Major League Gaming StarCraft II Spring Arena today, as well. That has been fun.

Been really interested today by all of the discussion regarding the shooting. In light of it, I hope to get to go to see "The Dark Knight Rises" sometime in the next week. I've been looking forward to it, and it is my personal belief that violence and extremism should never dictate your life. Madmen won't run our lives or limit our happiness.

Glad you're safe, too, duder. You have a good week.

We as the human race can only counteract extreme violence with extreme kindness & concern for one another. (:

I really want to go see TDKR too, I Googled which theaters can properly show it, there are only two in my state. lol

What do you have allergies too? My gf has SUPER allergies. I set her pills out for her everyday. (:

& on a smaller note: you're braver then I good sir. I've never had blood drawn. I hope to overcome my fear & donate sometime soon.

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@Dixego said:

Today I did nothing. And it makes me sad. But your post made me smile, so now it's cool.

Thanks, duder.

That makes me feel like a good duder, thanks Dixego. Do you have any plans for the rest of the day? You could get your game on!

@CaptainObvious said:

Played some Binary Domain, it's fucking awesome.

I have a rental pass, would you recommend Binary Domain? I would only play the single-player.

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@FilipHolm said:

@jNerd said:

@FilipHolm said:

The first cut in a fresh piece of contruction paper.

Hahaha, was that today? or just in general? Because now I want to go cut up some construction paper & make little South Park stylized superheroes. (:

Just in general :), it's a Family Guy reference bro ;)

Lmao! I knew I recognized that from somewhere! I didn't want to Google it & cheat. ;D

@zombiebigfoot said:

@falserelic said:

No man can be that happy. Even Jesus wasn't that happy.

Incorrect! A man on enough morphine will be happy as a fucking clown.

OR medical marijuana! :D

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@FilipHolm said:

The first cut in a fresh piece of contruction paper.

Hahaha, was that today? or just in general? Because now I want to go cut up some construction paper & make little South Park stylized superheroes. (:

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@Soapy86 said:

I'm happy today because I started watching Downton Abbey and I like it a lot more than I thought I would.

That's awesome Soapy. What's Downtown Abbey about? I'm unfamiliar.

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@crazyleaves said:

Good lookin' out.

I want to let people know I'm happy to see that they're happy.

What've you been up to buddy? Anything make you smile today?