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Coolio bro, mine is currently the same as brad's from the NXE quicklook. I might have to change it now.
I have a quick question, how do I save a picture on my harddrive? 
Because I could apply a theme using a picture from my external harddrive, but does it auto save on my xbox?

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Where is the BEST place in the Wastes to sell stuff?  

I have A LOT of junk to sell from Mothership Zeta  & I was wondering where I could get the most bang for my buck.... 
Any suggestions?
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It's odd, I'm not really enjoying Point Lookout all that much =/  ....weird

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@Bald3rdash said:
" Cause it's a music game?  Shouldn't really matter a whole lot to be honest.  I'm watching another part of the screen when playing. "
It shouldn't matter, but it also shouldn't be that hard to do....
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Why do the people in Activision "Hero" games look like shit?
The textures usually stink, they act clunky & unrealistic, & there overall design is shotty @ best.
Anyone else ever noticed how poor the characters in there games look & more profoundly, act?

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Cardio is for the birds, lol. But I do pull-ups, push-ups, & sit-ups everyday.

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Grab two shot-glasses, my mason jar full of blueberry moonshine & light up a blunt. 
Then ask what game he wanted to get down on.
I'd probably ask for a few matches of Marvel vs Capcom 2 tbh.

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Anything from Fallout 3, especially the iconic armor.

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I read the title wrong, I'm disappointed :(
I thought it said Worlds best rapper makes worlds fastest rap @__@ whoops

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I want to agree with you, but I can't. Because if I do I'm inadvertently excusing the talents of the older generation of game journalists such as Jeff G. & more specifically Adam Sesslar. Adam is highly revered by myself because he's an intellectual & one of the few who truly represents the gaming industry properly & takes no bullshit. He's the George Carlin of videogame journalists & he has the media outlet to voice his opinions to the mass populus. I couldn't stand loosing such a prominent voice in the community just because of his age. Webb is there just to be hot, I don't think she games too hard.