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@mlarrabee: It suuuuuuure is! Tuesday needs to get its shit together and come on already.

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@demoskinos: I don't have the game in front of me right now, but it's got about a 30 strength requirement, starts out with a damage output around the upper hundreds and scales pretty well with strength. Upgrading it increases the scaling, too. It's probably not the best weapon ever, but it's decently speedy for its size and does a good deal of damage, I think.

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Eat boss souls? What am I, some kind of savage?!

@demoskinos: Hell yes you can. That shit is so bomb it's ridiculous.

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@handlas said:

Has anyone else played so poorly that you literally cannot progress past the first boss?

Apparently I have.

I broke my sword and thus can't do any damage to enemies. I have two thief swords (one is about to break). However they do so little damage that it's pretty much pointless trying. I don't think I've done what needs to be done to get the blacksmith and thus I can't repair my weapons (I assume I need to get past where I am at which I cannot). So basically I can run past all enemies to the first boss but can't beat him because I can't do any damage to him.

Think I'm about to just start over.

If the first boss you're referencing is the boss I think it is, the item required to gain access to the blacksmith is a purchasable item from the Hag merchant by the bonfire.

My first death came at the hands of the big motherfucker who left the footprints in the starting area. Totally worth it, though. Hehe.

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Until today I've never had much luck making it past Sen's Fortress, but since I began a new character last week I've been making so much headway in this game it's ridiculous. I actually just beat (the ever-living shit out of) Dunkstein and Slamough about ten minutes ago. I've had DSll pre-ordered on PSN for a while now, but since I've started making progress in the first game, I'm not sure if I want to move on just yet.

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@ajroo: I believe the embargo lifts Tuesday, 12:01am EST. The Quick Look is also scheduled to go up around that time, so if reviews aren't up by then, there's always that if you want a good look at the game.

EDIT: Whoops, is it 9am PST? my mistake.

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@zevvion: Oh, man, it sounds like you're the lucky one here, duder -- collector editions and sick figurines are things I'm just not able to fit into my college-kid budget. I hope it turns out to be worth the cash, as I've had some bad past experiences with collector's figurines that looked awesome in the promo photos and showed up on my doorstep looking cheap as hell.

Praise the Sun.

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Oooooh, yes. I'm just anxiously awaiting the moment PSN lets me download the thing (which will hopefully be at midnight.)

@sgt_ham: Yeah, no. Please, tell me you're joking?

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I was getting a little frustrated at how many leaves there were, too, until I figured you could mist and/or dash across decently sized expanses of the little fuckers. At that point, the section wasn't too much to handle.

The game gives you the tools to make it past the trickier stealth sections relatively quickly; the player just needs to have the intuition to figure it out.

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I am so fucking tired right now but the wait was totally worth it. That shit was HISTORIC.