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@wraxend said:

@oginor: Plus I really wanted to play as the Lutece's :(

This, but I'm really excited about this DLC. I did NOT expect noir in Rapture. Plus I have a gut feeling the Luteces will appear. ;)

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I won't be able to make it to a pre-game on the 27th, but I'm still planning on making it out at night to B Side.

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I got XBLG just for 1 vs 100 and once it was 'gone', I stopped the subscription. More so than TV access or other random additions, 1 vs 100 was an ACTUAL GAME that brought it tons of non-'gamers'. My family loved it!

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I'm totally open on the 20th, so whatever time at Melt works for me. Might want to be 'early' so we can get a decent table or a good area at the bar.

8-9pm works for B Side, we should totally request some summer jams from the DJ!

I'll post what I'm wearing that day.

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Really would like to have a PG shirt to wear around...

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name: joe matt

fruit: oranges (so far)

add me and then PM me your info and i'll add you back! :D

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Arthur Geis wrote something too

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@fauxben: that's exactly what I was thinking, early dinner (3 or 4) at melt then heading over to B Side for the rest of the night

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@mikehawk: I think the main poster was thinking melt on the 20th and b side the 27th, to split up the events incase people can't go on one of the days (per the first post in the thread). That's how I read into it.

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I was thinking Melt in Cleveland Heights that's really close to B Side, but if we split it up so people south & north have places to go that'd be sweet. Independence Melt is 20 minutes from my place.

All that it comes down to is times. Melt gets packed quick, even on Saturdays. B Side has DJs starting at 10PM on Saturdays.

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