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@mb Damn, I hadn't realized it was only the first game. That blows. Ah well, there's plenty of other content to play anyways. Thanks Duder!

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After a 10-year hiatus, I recently got back into the whole PC Gaming scene and oddly enough, was looking to play some 360 games I missed out on that were ported over (pretty much just the Gears of War trilogy). However, I soon discovered that the Games for Windows platform was shut down some time ago. Are those games still playable if one was to purchase a physical copy? There had to have been other popular games on that platform as well, perhaps one or two of the Halo games. Are all those games just dead now? Or are they still playable in single-player form? --presuming that since the service is down, multi-player is out of the question. I don't want to go and purchase a physical copy only to encounter an error upon launching the game that says it can't connect to the Games for Windows server, or whatever.

Any information would be helpful!

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haha this is really funny, I just went to post a remarkably similar thread. I just built a gaming rig this weekend which marks for me about 10 years sans PC Gaming. Glad to see all these fine folks' recommendations. Looking forward to trying out so many games!

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So a little context first: Prior to building this PC (which by the way I'm shocked to see how cheap it is nowadays compared to how much I used to spend), I had a PS3 with roughly 40 games for it. Basically all mainstream and/or big-budget titles. However, I moved to California from NYC a few months ago and sold any and all consoles/games before I left, because I figured I'd purchase a next-gen system and start fresh. Instead, my friend convinced me to build a PC and use Steam since most big games are released there and it's so much better, etc. etc. And I did try Steam once, back when Portal 2 came out and they were all hey, sign up for Steam and we'll give you Portal 2 for free since you already bought the PS3 version! However, I've been a Mac guy (not a Mac Pro either, btw) for about a decade after my last Gaming Rig died, so needless to say: any and all games, ran like shit so I stuck to consoles.

Anyways, long story short: It's been a really long time since I've delved into the PC gaming world. Any suggestions for really awesome or unique games I may have missed in that time? The only games I've tried so far were: The Stanley Parable, Dota 2, and Diablo III (well, also some Counter-Strike.. I had to). I'm into all games, so don't feel the need to ask whether I like a certain genre. Just lay it on me Duders! Whatcha got!?

Also, side note--- I'm unbelievably ecstatic by the fact that Bethesda patched and re-released Fallout 1->Tactics on Steam! AMAZING.

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R.I.P. Ryan "the VOICE of Giantbomb" Davis, you will truly be missed.

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As one of the earlier guys said, it was exactly that Men weren't purchasing Diet Coke due to it's feminine attachment, likely stemming from the cans plastering the breast cancer-awareness logos on them. So they launched Coke Zero to appeal to Men who wanted an "edgy" diet-version. It was featured quite prominently in the film Scott Pilgrim vs The World (Scott pilgrim wore number 0 and drank Coke Zero). It's definitely not the same formula as Diet Coke. I personally prefer Coke Zero's taste even over the original flavor, but that may be due to my taste buds adjusting to artificial sugar.

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Hey Duders! I know it's been a long time since I mentioned it, but I finally was able to get it! Here's the pic from right after. Also, for clarification, it's not supposed to have bloodshot eyes (though admittedly it's pretty cool effect hahaha), but it's still fresh, so yeah...

Also, I would like to send it to the Giantbomb guys, but I don't have any social media. Anybody know their e-mails offhand? lol thanks!

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HAHAHA Yeah, you just sealed my fate with this. Thank You sir! Although, I have been thinking, and getting the entire logo might be a bit much. I may just cut everything out with the exception of the bomb, since it is pretty iconic, but not so much so that it would be obvious to non-duders. Still contemplating that aspect, however I have decided on the location. Left forearm, unless of course my artist thinks it would better elsewhere. lol Anyways thanks guys! Not sure how soon I will be able to get it, being as my guy is usually pretty booked, but I promise as soon as I do, I will post pics! Probably be two-three weeks tops. Thanks again!

@azteck said:

I don't know why I'd like you this because it's a really, really, really bad idea. Don't do it.

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Thank You. This is my paid account. I have another account from when the site launched. I was a fan of these guys since they were on Gamespot through the Arrow Pointing Down experiment to today. So please don't insult me with such allegations. I am as much a duder as any of you guys. I'm merely just not a fan of engaging my opinions with others in this format. That's not the reason why I come to this site. And also why I was hesitant to even use the forums to ask this in the first place.

@handlas said:

This must be a joke. Looking at your profile it doesn't seem like you have had much time on Giantbomb and/or much care for it at least.

Someone did ask this same question during the beta and pretty sure someone posted up a high res version of it. So... I guess that thread doesn't exist anymore but I'm sure you can find it somewhere for whatever you REALLY want it for.

Probably shouldn't assume anything based on profile activity, plenty of people love Giant Bomb without subjecting themselves to the forum community.

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@deathstriker666: I was thinking across the stomach a la Pac in Gothic typeface. What do you think?

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