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Anyone know what specific shot they were referring to at the end there and can safely link it? It is really not coming back to me.

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He will get to experience the best game in the series. Sadly it's followed up by the worst. >_>

Can I have some of the drugs you are on?

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360. Gamertag is Joeku. Social Club ID is JoekumaManuma.

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Gave me some of the most enjoyment in my ears and eyes. Never going to forget Ryan.

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I got it. It's kinda chunky but it works well enough. PSN ID is JoekumaManuma.

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I have the PC version but I'd like to see how it runs on the PS3 and I'd make a run at the trophies. How big is the download?

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Does this open the door for the long rumored Metal Gear Movie with Jack Bauer in the lead role???


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In the subtitles the third was was called "Scavenger". So just a woman who showed up to scavenge, presumably.

And I too did the swap ending. Cannot for the life of me find a video of the stay ending.

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Imagine the Polish perspective of the Old West, in all it's goofy glory. They go whole-hog into that with an earnestness that is very endearing. The atmosphere of the game is awesome (music, graphics, etc). So charming.

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Well, the voting was supposed to end...but it didn't. One last go?