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I just don't like the Xbox dashboard. With every update they make it more focused on promotions/ads, and for some reason Microsoft thinks different coloured panels of varying sizes is the future and not confusing at all.

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Sorry if this is spam but I really want to see this game get made so I'm trying to get the word out. The game is called 'Reflex', and it's basically Quake 3/Quake Live gameplay but with lots of new ideas, and developers who are clearly fans wanting to bring back this style of shooter with their own take on it. If you're tired of every shooter playing exactly like Call of Duty 4, or maybe you miss a good old fashioned rocket jump, or a midair rocket kill complete with rain of blood and gibs, this is worth a look. They've promised very good tutorials and obviously some advanced matchmaking (or you can just create your own server, you know, like you used to be able to do in every multiplayer game back in the day) so you can properly learn how to play the game without frustration. I really want to try out the real time multiplayer map editor... anyway here's a link

Reflex on Kickstarter

and here's a cool video showing the different movement techniques

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that sounds less like a merge and more like they consumed all of neversoft. im sure it's better for neversoft obviously or they wouldn't have done it.

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here ill chip in. really enjoying the game. going from the visuals in WoW to this is quite a change. it often feels like im in one of those linear shooter or adventure games like god of war where you see amazing scenery in the distance but you can't explore it, and then i remember it's an MMO where i totally can explore it.

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It's actually got me hooked so far. I played a shit load of WoW, and a decent amount of GW, and I was expecting ESO to be some shitty copy of every other MMO out there so I honestly never paid attention to it until it launched. After briefly watching the quick look it turned me off more just from the negative and dismissive feedback from the gang, but I was impressed at least that it looked like an Elder Scrolls game and that they didn't do what Bioware did with the Old Republic. After watching some youtube vids, and some developer video about a dungeon challenge thing, I decided since it didn't look awful I should just buy it and see for myself already. I'm really impressed. It immediately had me feeling nostalgic as if I was playing Morrowind again, but with modern textures and mechanics of course. The nitpicks I saw from the quick look basically didn't apply to my experience at all. First off, they got it wrong when they said you can be any race no matter what alliance you were part of, just to clear that up. The 3rd person camera is over the shoulder because you need the crosshairs for targeting (no clicking or tabbing your targets). The inventory is a list of items, and not a grid of slots because it's not WoW, it's an Elder Scrolls game. When you walk into a room you can basically pick up anything aside from the furniture, and it's easy enough to click the weapons tab or whatever when you want to find something. It's also not really the kind of game for a group of friends to all watch. It's more fun to play at your own pace and immerse yourself into it, which is easy enough when they do such a good job with the quests and story telling. Seriously I'm used to WoW where I had an addon that automatically accepted or completed quests because I didn't give a shit, I just wanted my pay. It was like work. In ESO I'm playing it like a proper RPG and just taking my time. Writing all this was hard because I just want to play ESO now that I got off work but I felt like there needs to be some positive feedback since so many people dismissed it entirely.

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I've had it since launch but honestly have only played maybe an hour in total. Own that call of duty game, battlefield, assassin's creed, killzone, but they're all pretty boring or buggy. Feels like a first world problem you know, but seriously meh, it's pretty lame. Also it has this problem where it doesn't even start up properly and won't display anything on the TV sometimes, and won't turn off after that until you unplug it. Maybe in 6 months there will be something worth playing. Oh joy.

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I bought an account for my bro since it was on sale, he got a horde shaman with me to level 33 and then went back to playing shooters lol. So now I've got an extra account that is sitting. Just looking to take advantage of the recruit a friend 3x exp bonus that the accounts share and I've run out of people to ask. You gotta be dedicated though, because if I out level you too far then the xp bonus stops. Once we hit 85 and the bonus ends, I don't care what you do, stay in the guild and have fun with us at 90 or do your own thing. Pacific time zone preferred. My choices are either give account to friend's boyfriend who probably won't play much, or find complete stranger who really wants to play. You can start a different character if you want, just get it to 33 and we'll continue. I'm just trying to get my priest to 90 quickly, and either I do it the long way, or find someone who will help speed it up.

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lol I play WoW still and love it, but a movie... come on, they're gonna fk it up.

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dude are you kidding, GTA 5 for sure. It's just way better in every way for me. My main problem with 4 was how dark and slimy the world was all the time, and there was way too many cops on the streets to the point where if you did anything fun you had to deal with cops shooting at you immediately afterwards.