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funny how Cole can suddenly use firearms now, without them blowing up in his hands

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I just don't want to see another dirty New York.  They should make the next one in a cleaner area, with some gentlemen gangsters, wise guys.

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that looks good, which I wasn't expecting... too many games...
that would be so much fun if it was done successfully.

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@bcooper56: you say you're having problems, well of course, this is beta.  This is where they find and fix those performance and lag issues.  It's understandable why a lot of people are mad though, I mean the PSN beta was good, and they have a 360 demo version of the game out already, yet the PC version still needs so much work.  It's just not the typical beta we're used to where they give us a 99% finished product and all they need to test are the servers.
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Glad to hear they're successful.  God I have so many Steam games...

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@Winternet said:
" I haven't played TW games since Rome. I don't like the battles that much. I just played it for the turn-based stuff. And CIV4 was so much better. I hope there will be a CIV5 in the near future. "
lol all I managed to do in that game after failing the campaign for the most part was set up unfair scenarios... like an army of war elephants vs a bunch of peasants or something.  Also flaming catapults and whatnot.
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It's an RPG with real-time combat.

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Soldier because I figured it's be a good all around class.  Good with guns and a good amount of health.

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don't delete a level 20 profile, the developers will just fix that eventually when they see the stats for each faction.