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I think polar bears are cooler. They're big and scary, and big scary animals have always had a tough time staying around for very long because they need so much territory to survive in. Pandas are cute and all, but I don't want to run out of scary animals on this planet. If I could bring back some species of massive carnivorous dinosaur, I would even though we'd be basically sacrificing that land for them.

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because they're douchebags.

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That's a really tough choice. If you want more story go with Sleeping Dogs, and if you want more open world stuff go for Far Cry 3. At some point you gotta play both of them though.

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Have they confirmed a reason for this happening?

His mom probably took away his xbox or something. That's all it takes with these jerks. Haven't all shootings been done by some "quiet and reserved" guy who came from an average household without anything really to complain about? I never heard of one who came from serious poverty or from a horrible family. I mean, when people live without food or water, or in a war zone where they could be bombed any minute, they get through it together as a community, and come out of it as much stronger people than the rest of us. This kid never went through stuff like that, he was just angry about stuff, kept to himself, and finally in this pathetic burst of inadequacy and insecurity, he decides he's gonna show the world why we should have taken him more seriously. Of course because noone really knew the guy, especially none of the kids he killed, our reaction isn't fear, it's just "wtf...?"

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Seriously, did NO ONE use the browse function? How are you supposed to find new videos? How do you find the most popular videos that day?

Well if I look for popular videos on youtube it only ever shows me pretty much the same channels every week. Like the channels that do those stupid blogs or whatever. They have so many subscribers that every video goes straight to the top, and now I never see random cool videos appear there like how it used to be in earlier days. So I find interesting videos from now instead.

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The game I've played the most is Diablo 3 and it's freaking awesome and I'm still playing it, but I don't think it's a game of the year contender. The reason I play it so much is because loot, xp, and friends. Not really because of story. Like after a certain point I would still play it even if the story turned to crap, just for the loot and xp. I haven't played most of the other games there, or I have but never got around to completing them. Soooo I have no idea but apparently everyone says Walking Dead is somewhat of a masterpiece.

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That's awesome I hope more libraries can do that. There are no movie/game rental places around anymore and why shouldn't a library have that when they have movies too.

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it would look so outdated though if they did release it. It'd need a lot of work.

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Oh wtf. Well that's convenient! I played the game when it came out, then stopped after beating it a couple times. Recently some friends got the game and wanted me to join in, but... yeah even though I have two high level characters on the account, it just stops me and tells me to upgrade for $60. Yay. I am the proud owner of a starter account that is capped at level 13 for the next 72 hours. Blizzard is so weird.

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meh. I'm not sold on the weird game pad or the weird ways that developers are trying to make use of it. When I'm playing games I look at my TV, and I like all the info there, like the corner map in Call of Duty or Halo. If I could have my inventory or a map shown down below, that'd be cool for some games, but it only ever took a second to pull up the map or inventory in a game anyway, so now instead it'll just be displayed the whole time on my game pad until the battery quickly dies. All I can see so far is devs either putting some game info down below that isn't really worth draining battery for, or trying to force little mini games onto it like picking the lock on a door or something, and again it doesn't need to be there when it could just be on the TV screen. And I got very very little use out of the original Wii.