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meh. I'm not sold on the weird game pad or the weird ways that developers are trying to make use of it. When I'm playing games I look at my TV, and I like all the info there, like the corner map in Call of Duty or Halo. If I could have my inventory or a map shown down below, that'd be cool for some games, but it only ever took a second to pull up the map or inventory in a game anyway, so now instead it'll just be displayed the whole time on my game pad until the battery quickly dies. All I can see so far is devs either putting some game info down below that isn't really worth draining battery for, or trying to force little mini games onto it like picking the lock on a door or something, and again it doesn't need to be there when it could just be on the TV screen. And I got very very little use out of the original Wii.

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Wait, what? Are CoD servers disgustingly expensive to run or something? I don't see why they can't just keep the servers going without the double XP. This is laaaaaaaaame.

No they don't host servers themselves, the game picks a player to be host.

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Hmm, so an enemy and I run into eachother, and he drops to the floor... now he's totally limited his movement and is hoping I will panic and forget how to look down. He's not much smaller of a target because I am looking down on him and can still shoot him up head to toe. I just don't really see the point. I mean in BF2 people would dolphin dive, but that's an exploit that doesn't exist anymore. In modern shooters like Black Ops 2 they make it so dropping to prone limits movement and then causes a delay as you stand back up.

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This. They made a lot of changes that messed up the multiplayer. Loadouts and killstreaks completely throw away whatever importance the map and its weapon spawn locations had.

That's why I'm so disappointed. Halo's MP (1-3, I didn't play Reach) was all about map control and weapon spawns like Quake or UT. With no weapon pickups, no grenades, perks and loadouts, it's not even identifiable as Halo anymore.

There are power weapons and grenades that spawn in the maps. The perks are just your armor abilities, nothing extreme, and the loadouts just mean everyone starts with the basic setup they want depending on what playstyle they prefer. In previous Halos the competitive games played BR matches anyway, so this way you can start with it or pick other guns, and it's not like the other guns are useless. Just depends what range you plan to fight from. And killstreaks just give you a supply drop so you can get an overshield, a speed boost, damage boost, or a power weapon or something. It's a new Halo game, so I'm okay with it not being the exact same as before. It's not like there are helicopters called in and dogs attacking players. It totally feels like Halo to me.

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Kill cams will look off sometimes, mainly if you were sprinting. That doesn't mean the person who shot you was aiming off target and still hitting you though. On their screen, their crosshairs were on target. That's just how it has to be for now unfortunately. They can't make the internet work as well as a lan party. Just know that other players are not sniping you when their crosshairs were a meter away from you, even though the kill cam makes it appear that way.

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Just wait for a Giant Bomb quick look. MW3 felt so uninspired to me I didn't even finish the singleplayer. It sucked so bad. Call of Duty games are fun, but every year it gets more desperate because they've got nothing left. It's been the exact same since COD4, like 5 or 6 years ago. I can just see the shamwow guy advertising it like "we'll throw in a crossbow, we don't care, fuck it we've got remote controlled helicopters! zombies? who said zombies are overdone! you want giant walking mechs? of course you do! forget the story you'll buy it anyway!"

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My favourite from all the games has still been the first Halo, because of how the game let you explore this strange new land at your own pace. Just you, your assault rifle, magnum, and a warthog. The different ways you could approach a combat situation, the reactions from the covenant, and the pace of it all was just fun. Halo 4 feels more like oldschool Halo in my opinion. It's making me feel the way I felt playing Halo 1, like 343 Industries wanted to bring back what made Halo 1 so different. I'm just about to finish it on Legendary. Pretty sweet.

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as usual, they underestimated the launch and now we can't play the game. that's why people are pissed off. I love blizzard but im not gonna sit here and make excuses for them.