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dang, I just saw that movie last night.  I wasn't expecting it to be so, er, strong, those guys are really unforgiving.

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Guys, the horror he is talking about is the parts where it was night time and kryll were everywhere, wretches would attack you, and then there were the ones that exploded.  That was cool and all, but I prefer day time battles, or at least no kryll to worry about.

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I sure do!  I can't wait.

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Limited for sure.  I always like the "making of" dvds, and a golden lancer is awesome.

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Log in information is case sensitive.  I was unable to log in until I figured this out, you might want to make it non-case sensitive.

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Cliff doesn't say that anymore Hulk, don't worry haha.
Anyway, YES I like the changes very much, I think they are necessary.  In Gears 1, if you used a lancer against someone who had a shotgun, no matter the range, that guy would just rush straight at you and blast you to bits.  I really like stopping power, along with all the other new additions to the game (meat shield ftw).

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I preordered the special edition a few days ago, I am definitely getting this game.  What about you guys?