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I don't see why water hurts him anyway.  If his powers were all about fire, then ok I'd get it, but why would water hurt electricity?  It just spreads it easier.

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video is broke for me :( 

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People continue to pay for it, so MS will continue to charge for it.  it's really stupid because you're the one paying for internet and hooking it up to your Xbox, just like you would to your PC, but then out of nowhere there's this extra fee that goes to MS just because they know they can get away with it.  Look at PSN, look at Steam, they all do the same things with friends and chat, it's not super crazy and new nowadays.  I don't pay for XBL anymore, I just play PS3 online and I like it.  I just play whenever I want, wherever I want, there's no stupid subscription fee.  

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@m0rdr3d said:
I'd like to like this for some reason, but I find it hard to see the sustained appeal of racing a ship down a tunnel for hours to techno music.  I dunno...
Well if you sum up any game like that it'll sound boring.  Like shooting a billion bad guys on a linear path until the game ends.
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so you are supposed to pay for stats and clan stuff?  Why?  I don't get it.

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meh, I don't really want more MMOs.  I just want Guild Wars 2 and thats it!

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no worries, I haven't played through Portal 2 yet.  take your time Valve!

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nice job!  I like how I just hover the cursor over my profile stuff instead of click.

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Hey guys I made a Steam group for folks who want to take advantage of Shift 2's autolog feature. Anyone can join, and when you do just leave a comment on the group page to say what your in-game username is. And if you don't know, to access the autolog feature it's on the main menu of the game at the bottom of the screen, just click on it to open it up (and to get back out, click on where it says "Autolog" again).  I made the group because the game uses your EA account for the autolog stuff, not your Steam account, so it's kind of hard to find people to do that stuff with.

Join up and add me in-game, my name there is JoelTGM.

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@Red12b said:

2009 Dirt 2 was my game of the year with SHIFT an honourable mention, by the sounds of it this should be up there as well, how is the framerate? and is that stupid RPG points system still in there?

I'm playing on the PC so no frame rate issues here at max graphics.  The XP points are still here, but they don't do the stuff like in the first Shift where it was about driving aggressively or cleanly.  I don't think having XP and unlocks to look forward to is stupid because it's done well here.  A track will have a set of objectives, like master all corners, do one clean lap, and lead for an entire lap.  Completing these objectives gives you XP, and when you level up you get a chunk of bonus cash, and unlock stuff to customize your car with.  It's just kind of cool because you can see the map of the track with green check marks on the corners you've mastered, and gray X's on the corners you haven't, so it gives incentive to go back and master those corners.