Reaction Time

The name of my video game related website. It ain't much, and it hasn't been around long, but please, check it out - especially if you're from the UK. Too many video games sites are US based, right? Well, I'm kicking it here in England, so it's time to represent! Head over to Reaction Time now!


Efficient Money Spending

Heading over to my regular game purchasing website, Game (, I intended to preorder my copy of Dawn of War II. They have a steelbook copy that is available for pre-order for only £24.99, which gives you a few in-game extras such as more colours for the army painter, the Novamarines armour pattern (whatever the hell that is) as well as an another hero unit with customizable Heavy Bolter or Missle Launcher. That ain't bad considering I got all of that and saved £10. As i'm about to head over to the checkout, I came across this.

The Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures collectors edition. Normally retailing at a whopping, but predictable, £59.99. I was struck with a great deal, though, as the Game website had it up for only £9.99. Save £50.00 it said! Phenomenal deal. I have played some Age of Conan, and while it wasn't the best MMO back then, at least now I won't have a trial account, and some features have been implemented that weren't in the game before, or so I am to believe.

If any of you want to hook up with me on Age of Conan, just drop me a comment or a message with your character names and so forth, and we'll see. Bye!

Chilling, Isn't It?

Well I have no idea what happened to my copies of Icewind Dale 1 & 2, but in any case, I re-bought them today. DVD style. All time classics to any RPG fan, especially ones that think highly of other Forgotten Realms titles. Icewind Dale was sort of overlooked upon release, especially with Icewind Dale II, as its release co-incided with Diablo II's release. Nevertheless, the Icewind Dale series is a clear winner in my eyes, and if you haven't played it already, you really should pick it up. If you can find it.

Gotta Love That Gold

Well, 2 minutes from now I completed my second playthrough of Battlefield: Bad Company on the Xbox 360. My first playthrough was on Normal difficulty, whereas this last one was on Hard. I also had the objective to find the remaining collectable weapons as I played though each mission, as well as finding all of the hidden gold crates. I'm proud to say that I had fulfilled my objectives, and I find myself richer, well, as far as achievements go. Sadly, no gold comes out of the game upon completion.

Soon enough i'll be posting a review of Bad Company, but for now, why don't you go check out the Giant Bomb review? It smells very clean.

First Thoughts and a Look at Why I'm Here

My first thoughts of Giant Bomb? Well, pretty damn awesome. I've been looking to the full release for quite sometime now. Wikipedia style information pages, videos, images, podcasts, reviews, user integration, forums, and an easy to use interface for the biggest of n00bs. It's everything i've been looking for in a website as of late. Since the loss of many a employee over at GameSpot, I completely lost interest in it.

Rich Gallup, Greg Kasavin, and Carrie. Great losses, but not enough to tip me over the edge. Then the crunch with Jeff Gerstmann hit the internet, and I couldn't really hold on to GameSpot anymore. I tried, really. He's just too awesome. But of course don't forget people l like Ryan Davis, Brad Shoemaker, Alex Navarro, two of which are currently working along side Jeff on this superb website.

So anyway, i'm here now, I feel at home already. I've put up two of my reviews and have yet to submit some of the others i've done, and let's hope my profile is a little more popular than it was over at GameSpot. I like to be recognised, don't we all? Anyway, you may be thinking that a sixteen year old student can't produce much sense or good work, but I do hope you're wrong, if you're thinking that at all. I'm here because I want to share my thoughts with people inside and outside of my reviews. Come to think of it, people like Jeff Gerstmann are the sole reason why I started to write up reviews and voice my opinions, etc. One day I aspire to be in their position, working with like-minded people in relation to the things they love. Games. I probably won't get far with my little ambitions, like most people won't, but it sure would be fantastic, wouldn't it?

I got carried away I see. So Giant Bomb is awesome, and will stay awesome. Well, it's running a little slow right now, but it hasn't been up too long, so I forgive it.

Joe Marsden signing off, happy gaming.