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I'd love to get the chance to play this game, as I'm a fan of Planescape. Thank you!

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@MikeFerrari7 is a living legend. He found it - thank you so much!

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Can't find a clip of it on YouTube, don't really know what to here's hoping some expert out there could tell me.

An episode of the Giant Bombcast, featuring Jeff and Ryan for sure, in which they mention the animated series MASK, the film Man in the Iron Mask and other Mask related titles. Not a massive segment but I just really need to listen to this again for my own satisfaction, please don't judge.

Anybody have a clue or have some method for finding it?

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I spent a long time not so long ago trying to get Rogue Spear in a working state, and it's bloody difficult. Makes me wish I still had my XP machine! Classic.

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Applied, PC guy here.

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@vod_crack: SPDIF/Toslink cable from your PS4 to your DAC, and your analog RCA cables from the DAC to your speakers. If that is indeed your setup, of course.

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Don't know if you guys knew, but you can share emblems without being on one another's friends list so long as the author of the emblem shares the code with you. It's really easy to get the code, and even easier to use it for yourself. Take a look at the guide on Reddit.

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I like how people are ignoring the request for PC-only titles just by saying the PC versions are superior. That's not really helping. Admittedly, neither am I, but that's only because a lot of the games I would have named have either already been mentioned or are more than 10 years old.

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@snakelinksonic: I'm totally up for this, especially as I'm already on Ultros. I'm a Marauder who will be called either Rhyken Hartfell or Lyraena Hartfell. :)