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Applied, PC guy here.

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@vod_crack: SPDIF/Toslink cable from your PS4 to your DAC, and your analog RCA cables from the DAC to your speakers. If that is indeed your setup, of course.

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Don't know if you guys knew, but you can share emblems without being on one another's friends list so long as the author of the emblem shares the code with you. It's really easy to get the code, and even easier to use it for yourself. Take a look at the guide on Reddit.

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I like how people are ignoring the request for PC-only titles just by saying the PC versions are superior. That's not really helping. Admittedly, neither am I, but that's only because a lot of the games I would have named have either already been mentioned or are more than 10 years old.

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@snakelinksonic: I'm totally up for this, especially as I'm already on Ultros. I'm a Marauder who will be called either Rhyken Hartfell or Lyraena Hartfell. :)

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I put together a sweet-ass Grim Fandango banner to celebrate me finally becoming a premium member...and to celebrate my favourite game, of course. Simple and minimalist, but I love it.

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I never thought I would have played WoW so much, but when I got into WotLK, I had an entire summer playing pretty much nothing but. Me and a couple of friends would log in every day and got multiple characters up to the cap. Even did one or two raids, which was new to us. Plenty of daily heroics, leveling and loads of fun. Cataclysm just never quite did it for me, and I steered well clear of Pandaria from playing the beta. Sure, the quality of a beta is not indicative of the final product, but from what I can tell from other people's feedback? I made the right decision by not touching it.

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That box art looks horribly photoshopped around the area where "Only on PlayStation" would be on the PS3 version box art. Shame, because I would totally buy this if it did end up on 360.

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Not sure what I think of this look just yet, as it's a recent change, but...whatever.
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Having reviewed games myself for nearly three years now, the best advice I can give is for you to remember that reviews are your opinion. No matter how many times you get called a piece of shit for your opinion, so long as you have good solid reasons for that opinion having been formed, you shouldn't get down on yourself because of what those people are saying. People forget that reviews are opinion and often take reviews to mean that you're saying a game is bad or is boring when in actual fact you're just saying that you thought it was bad or you thought it was boring.