My Roster (v1) for the Next Super Smash Bros.

OK, before you look at the characters I picked, let me explain how I chose:
1. Video game characters. Simple enough, until someone tries to throw Goku into the mix...
2. Protagonists (at least once).  There's way too many cool bosses other than the regulars of SSB (Bowser, Ganon, and I guess Mewtwo/Lucario).  I think that at the very least that a few bosses should be later unlockables in order to garner the power and respect that they deserve.  Who am I talking about? Characters like Meta-Knight, Ridley, Psycho Mantis, Sephiroth, and Diablo, to name a few.
3. Uniqueness.  There's plenty of ways that a pistol, a battle rifle and a sword might show up, but that just causes lots of clones that no one would play.  At that point, why not make alternate costumes? (ex. Fox for Falco and Wolf)
4. Personal Preference.  I usually picked characters I liked from games I liked.  If not, I probably thought that they were annoying (Jigglypuff), useless (Peach), or relatively unimportant (Pit, the Ice Climbers, Mr. Game and Watch).
I know I probably forgot somebody.  It wasn't Lara Croft.  But at least it makes a nice 6 by 8 square.

List items

Posted by Belonpopo

Cool list, but no one can be an alternate to Sam Fisher, specially that pussy Soap.

Posted by FUN

There's more than twice as many guest characters than there are Nintendo characters..

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@FUN: That's pretty much on purpose.  I made this list because I realized that using the most popular and intriguing characters from competing companies in the same game would be logistically impossible.  
Well, almost, but even the fan-made Super Smash Flash wouldn't include the likes of Master Chief.  Either way, there's a lot of Nintendo characters I don't like, and a lot of non-Nintendo characters that I do like.

Posted by FUN
Eh, fair enough, but Ice Climber being cut... :'(
To be fair I would play as Gordon Freeman and Spyro :p