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total non-issue here, move along. oh and for the record, anyone who owns and plays MK8 and is not going to pay $12 to get 16 new tracks, 6 new characters, and 8 new vehicle sets is an idiot

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@ultimaxe: Kart 8 was always going to move more hardware than Smash, but Smash will do its part for sure

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despite what all you guys are saying, and as valid as your points are about the identity and the hardware, a piece of software that is as novel and universally digestible/enjoyable as wiisports was for wii would move the box without having to do much rebranding of the hardware

it comes down to software

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Smart move overall, still not the 'killer app'

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Link Between Worlds looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking great

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This still hasn't fully sunk in yet...

Might be a while

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no, fuck this shit. what the fuck?

are you fucking kidding?



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eh, I feel like taking out all the puzzling, even though many weren't great, still removes a section of the game that goes a long way in helping you internalize the game's themes (subject matter). You also have a decent amount of dialog and subsequent character development that takes place during the puzzles.

I guess I like that more people can experience the story, but this doesn't seem like the best way.

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Hey look tons of comments talking about how the game should be on other platforms instead of talking about the game. Yup, it's any story ever about Monster Hunter in the last couple years

Darkfiber, you're here talking about 'I hope 3 Ultimate does well enough given it's limited availability' while the fourth game is already coming to Japanese 3DSes in like a month, and I guarantee you that localized NA versions probably cross-plat again have begun, completely unrelated to 3 ultimate sales. Expect an E3 announcement of some sort and maybe a one year or 18 month timeline

and please talk more shit about the WiiU's online multi infrastructure. It's more than servicable and the process of adding people you've recently met randomly to your friend's list is quite simple. You also have everyone with available voice chat without needing a headset.

the game is awesome and let's stop talking about the platform exclusivity. it stems from Japanese business deals. Sony had it for a while, Nintendo now has it. If Sony still had it I guarantee you'd be seeing maybe 10% of the amount of whining about exclusivity

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Alex, 'alternate versions of the game's stages' seems a bit off. I dont think the stages are going to be beholden to the original games framework or layout or pacing. This is a brand new game with brand new stages that simply uses the same assets/building blocks

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