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Man, if this is what you write on the fly I'm pretty jealous.

Anyway, you really made me rethink some things for sure. Originally I thought the issues taken were unfair, as dismissing The Witcher as a "white game" is super unfair to its Polish creators who very passionately made something uniquely Polish. I still think there's an American tendency to project its racial situation onto other parts of the world. A lot of people I know here in Canada tend to lump all of Europeans into "white people" and dismiss the vast differences that exist between, say England and Poland. That's how I saw the issues taken with The Witcher, people were dismissing the unique Polish-ness as more "white people stuff."

But I also now realize that I fell into the same trap people always do with these issues. Just because it doesn't bother me, doesn't mean it's not an issue. So yeah, I suppose it would have been nice if they'd included some merchants, or mercenaries or missionaries or whatever from Zerrikania. It actually might have added some cool perspective, an outsider not directly tied to all the politicking going on.

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Silent protagonists shouldn't still exist. It's super distracting when everyone is fully voiced except you. I don't want my character to be a blank slate, I want my character to be a character. In fact, I'm kind of sick of games where your character is supposed to "anyone you want them to be" because they just end up being non characters. I'll prefer playing as Geralt over The Inquisitor or The Courier almost every time.

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You're a great writer Austin. Get your point across way more succinctly than I ever can. Fury Road got me in the mood for some post apocalypse, and Fallout is one of my favourite game series, so colour me excited.

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I don't think I've seen any author that nails pacing and build up as consistently as Sanderson. All of his books are this steady build to a climax that never fails to be the most awesome shit ever. The climax of Hero of Ages was probably my favourite, because there's so many "holy shit" revelations and awesome heroic moments for pretty much every character. I think what makes it work is that all the revelations and twists make sense from the crazy internal logic his worlds and magic systems have. So much so that if you're paying attention you can actually figure some of it out.

Hero of Ages (Mistborn 3) spoilers: For example, I was able to predict that Vin's earring was what held back her powers well before the moment Marsh figures it out.

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Actually the planned modern era Mistborn books were always going to be after Book 5 or 6 of Stormlight. The western era Mistborn books are like a side project he works on between larger books (as in the 1000 page+ Stormlight books) so they aren't really delaying them. The reason the guy can put out so many books, is that his way of recharging between books is to write books.

As far as order is concerned, publishing order is probably the best as of right now.

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I like it because it's more interesting than the alternative.

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I don't really care about the continued story of Jimmy, I just want a Bully game from post Red Dead Redemption Rockstar. People have mentioned the Nemesis system from Shadow of Mordor, and I think that'd work perfectly for the school setting. There's plenty of more modern directions they could take the story and setting if they wanted to. I could see Rockstar going super satirical on the American school system. Having some in game Facebook or Twitter or something that's tied to your social standing would be a pretty obvious mechanic.

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Man, Mercenaries was one of my favourite games as a kid. I'd play the shit out of a new one. It's a bummer that Pandemic never really found their footing when the consoles changed over. They were the first developer I knew by name.

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If it's Witcher 2 with a bigger world and a more dynamic story I'll be pretty happy.

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I wish I'd bought Ground Zeros when it was super cheap on Steam. I hope it goes up on sale again before the Holiday Sale ends.