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I could see you potentially getting way into Divinity, Patrick. How've you liked it so far?

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Stuff like this is always frustrating. On one hand, yeah it sucks about lack of diversity. But on this other hand, it seems so unfair to drop all of that one individual example, and get angry at them for not fixing the problem.

None of this changes the fact that I'm sure the assholes "defending" Giant Bomb are probably being fucking awful right now.

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Oh, didn't know there was a dedicated thread. Thanks a lot though guys!

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Hey, trying to remember a game that was played on UPF awhile back. It was like a multiplayer RPG, where you picked different locations to try to prepare for an apocalypse or something. I just remember someone became a vampire at one point. I know it's vague.

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Fantastic, I was going to check this out, but apparently my save data is all gone. Seems like it was all deleted when it tried to synch with a cloud save. All this after being unable to play it at launch because of network issues. Thanks Ubisoft! Really glad I gave you money when pirating would have let me actually play the game properly.

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The Rift is a game "platform" is the same way a TV is. It's a technology that creatures virtual reality. As long as Facebook doesn't turn it into a different device entirely, it's going to stay a VR headset, which means that people will be free to make all the same games they ever were for it.

I literally have no idea what everyone is so mad about. Is it stupid "OMG Facebook is bad because reasons" or is there actual thought going into it.

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I like how everyone assumes this means that Facebook is going to be the only group that's allowed to publish games for the tech. Or something, I'm not sure what people are upset about. It's not like all of the games that are being made for the Rift are suddenly going to be cancelled. They're just throwing their money at it so that they can be a part of it when this becomes the next big thing.

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The headline is misleading. It's not Sony as in the people who make Playstations, it's Sony Pictures. They might be under the same umbrella, but they're pretty much different companies.

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What I took from the topic, is that we're talking something really fucked up. Something that's completely against your most basic beliefs of right and wrong, and the game completely endorses it. Not a case of moral ambiguity, but that this person doing horrible things is the heroic protagonist. Because in that case, no. There are plenty of great games out there. I don't need to give money to the people that made something like that.

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If I can just ignore how nonsensical the premise in regards to Tolkien's lore, this looks pretty sweet.