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I'm not actively following it, but it's useful when I load up a page and see that people I follow recommend a game.

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My dad plays a ton of Football Manager.

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Surprised I'd never heard of Ubisoft Toronto... Wow, I could walk there from my apartment, how have I never heard of it? I thought their only Canadian office was Montreal for some reason.

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Yeah, as people have mentioned, it's probably all the crazy shaking going on. I know I'd be reluctant to do video if that stuff was showing up in the audio track. Especially if it was appearing in everything. It'd be pretty unprofessional.

So what I'm saying is that they should probably still do UPF.

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Concerned because it's going to kill thousands more people, and it's an awful way to die. I'd maybe start being worried about my own safety if it ever hits Toronto, and only if it starts spreading. I'd be less concerned with personal infect, more of the panic that'd come with it.

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Holy shit, it's video games. How psychotic does someone have to be to make terror threats over video games.

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Alex mentioned he was playing it on Twitter, so chances are good.

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2015 is going to be a hell of a year. For both movies and games. Which is awesome, because the last couple years have been kinda slow on both fronts. At least in terms of quantity of quality.

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Brad has a habit of sometimes hinting at something that he knows but then "I can't talk about that." It can be pretty annoying at times. That's always been something that's gotten under my skin. If you know something, either tell me or don't bring it up.

Drew's movie quotes are always great. The way Brad pronounces the h in wh words is always fun.

Also, I've heard Alex use the word "ouroboric" on at least three occasions.

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I wondered the same thing. Although, I don't remember wargs being in Mordor in the movies, they were used by the orcs that came from Isengard, but I'm not sure I saw any Mordor orcs using them. Trolls seem like an obvious one, though. At least in the movies, they're shown being in Mordor.

I really need to get around to reading those books.