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Yeah, it's a weird year for that kind of thing. I think South Park will come up, if only for best story and maybe best looking. Mordor will likely be top 3. Destiny for most disappointing. Dragon Age will be in some personal top lists, although unless Patrick, Rorie or maybe Vinnie are involved in the podcast, it probably won't come up for anything official, which is a shame, because it's probably the best game this year.

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What about Dragon Age 2? I know plenty of people, myself included, that really enjoyed it in spite of it's flaws.

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Yeah, love the look, style, characters and everything from the CG trailer. Zero interest in a squad based shooter. Kinda bummed that's all it is, actually. Seemed a waste to create all that cool art and stuff for something so shallow.

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So it's like TF2 with more characters? Meh. Hoped it'd be something I can get into, but I don't care about multiplayer shooters.

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I don't want to download a different application for every publisher. It's stupid to expect me to do that. Wasn't planning on buying Unity or Far Cry 4 anyway, but I might have with a good sale price in a year or so. Guess I won't be now.

Have your own store, awesome. Go ahead. But the more services you put your product on, the more sales you'll get. It's true of movies, and it's true of games. Less options = less sales.

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I'm not actively following it, but it's useful when I load up a page and see that people I follow recommend a game.

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My dad plays a ton of Football Manager.

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Surprised I'd never heard of Ubisoft Toronto... Wow, I could walk there from my apartment, how have I never heard of it? I thought their only Canadian office was Montreal for some reason.

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Yeah, as people have mentioned, it's probably all the crazy shaking going on. I know I'd be reluctant to do video if that stuff was showing up in the audio track. Especially if it was appearing in everything. It'd be pretty unprofessional.

So what I'm saying is that they should probably still do UPF.

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Concerned because it's going to kill thousands more people, and it's an awful way to die. I'd maybe start being worried about my own safety if it ever hits Toronto, and only if it starts spreading. I'd be less concerned with personal infect, more of the panic that'd come with it.