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Dumb question probably, but how can I get these? I've tried looking on but they aren't turning up.

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I'm still having trouble believing it. But if it was a joke, it'd be an extremely cruel one, which isn't really his style.


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@xyzygy: Yeah, it looks pretty good. I really hated that look of XIII, so I'm really glad to see something a lot different.

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Is it just me, or does the art style actually look a lot different than previous Final Fantasy games? It's still anime-like, but there seems to be way less garish colours and buckles.

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I can't not fund a project by Brad Muir, especially when it sounds as awesome as this! :D

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I might have to check this out. While I've never suffered from it myself, I've known far too many people who have depression, including a family member who committed suicide a few months ago. I don't expect this game to cause any huge societal change, but if it can help just a few people really understand what depression is, it seems like it'd be worth it. Our societal view on depression and mental illness sucks and needs to change.

Thanks for the article, this is one of many reasons why Giant Bomb is my favourite website.

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As much as I understand his contributions to the credibility of film criticism, I still don't think Ebert was ever that great of a critic. He gave movies poor reviews because he had issues with the morals they represented (notably A Clockwork Orange) which is beyond stupid. Movie reviews are about how good the film is, not whether you where offended or not.

If you want to explain that the film offended you, and as such, you can't give an accurate read on it, fine, but don't call it a bad movie because it upset you. That's childish.

Also, anyone who tries to define what is and isn't art is pretentious. Art is anything that expresses human creativity, and no one gets to refuse that label to something because they don't think it's good enough. To do so is narrow minded, and to refusing to listen to arguments while claiming you're right is even more narrow minded.

I'm not trying to say his death isn't significant and that he wasn't important, but I wish people would stop acting like he represented all that is good about criticism, because I never thought he was a particularly great one.

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I don't think the reporter was "just doing his job" when he made that headline. He clearly wanted to stir shit up by creating controversy where there wasn't one. If I didn't know better, I'd think Patrick made a mistake and confused the Toronto Star with the Toronto Sun, because that's exactly the kind of sensationalist bullshit I expect from The Sun.

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I got pissed off and broke a PS3 controller once. I felt pretty fucking stupid after that.

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I'd much rather he make the Moon trilogy he was talking about, but I guess him getting a reputation as a big budget filmmaker would be pretty cool. I'd love to see him have the freedom of someone like Chris Nolan.