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I mostly just want a Dragon Age Quick Look from people who are actually excited about it.

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Oh, sweet, thanks Drew.

And yeah, South Park and Banner Saga are the two I've run into.

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I'd like to see a better video on Dragon Age, preferably with Patrick and I think Brad(?) who have or at least plan to play some of it. The Quick Look of Rorie getting stuff wrong to Jeff who didn't give a shit was kinda disappointing for my favourite game this year.

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Nothing major. I've have the one where my character floats around in conversation once or twice. Briefly couldn't switch characters, but that fix when I fast traveled. Had one weird conversation where the combat UI popped up and I couldn't use the dialogue wheel. None of those have shown up more than once or twice, and they've always been pretty easy to fix.

However, I recently discovered that the lack of party banter while out in the world isn't normal. Apparently it's a pretty common bug. I thought there just wasn't much banter in this game, but others have said the characters don't seem to shut up. That one's been a huge bummer for me.

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I've heard that Solas only opens up if you befriend him, which is hard, because he seems to disapprove of every choice I make. Right now, he seems like he never has anything to say when I try to talk to him. Solas is okay, but all the other mages suck compared to Dorian.

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Yeah, the scene is the reason I kicked her out too. It's when I realized that she's a violent psychopath who made no sense as a member of a war effort. It's not that she's bad character or anything, she's just unlikable for a chunk of people.

And I actually like Blackwall. I was expecting for him to be a boring character, but he's a genuinely decent guy who's not a great hero, but wants to help out. I'm glad Bioware stepped back from the Dragon Age 2 approach of making every single character over the top in some way or another. There's room for characters like Blackwall and Cassandra who are down to earth and relatable.

Characters like Cole and Iron Bull (and Sera if you think she isn't terrible) only work if they stand out from the rest of the party. If everyone is Kramer, Kramer isn't funny. Strange or quirky characters only work if others are somewhat normal by comparison.

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Sera is the first party member I've kicked out in an RPG.

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Yeah, it's a weird year for that kind of thing. I think South Park will come up, if only for best story and maybe best looking. Mordor will likely be top 3. Destiny for most disappointing. Dragon Age will be in some personal top lists, although unless Patrick, Rorie or maybe Vinnie are involved in the podcast, it probably won't come up for anything official, which is a shame, because it's probably the best game this year.

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What about Dragon Age 2? I know plenty of people, myself included, that really enjoyed it in spite of it's flaws.

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Yeah, love the look, style, characters and everything from the CG trailer. Zero interest in a squad based shooter. Kinda bummed that's all it is, actually. Seemed a waste to create all that cool art and stuff for something so shallow.