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Stuff like this and Celebrate Recovery has really changed my life in the last five years. Two additonal things. 1. There is no quick fix. 2. You can't do it alone.

You can also find Celebrate Recovery meetings in your area.

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@crusader8463: Hmm, I still haven't got my code.

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I would be interested if they didn't charge nearly $7 shipping for a $15 shirt. Crazy.

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@Funkydupe said:

Do you only play with people who speak English fluently?

If you can say things like "get him" or "shoot that guy" then were all set.

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@mosdl: Thanks, I just joined.

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I don't know if there is another page for this, but I bought a copy of BL2 and my local friends did not. I am pretty busy with school and work, but I am looking for some GiantBombers on Steam that are cool with me hopping in games(mostly late at night) to play some co-op. Let me know if you guys are interested. I'm looking forward to it!

Steam name is joey2683

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"Tell us what you think in the comments".. Oh no, I hope they don't read the comments. Only the internet can produce the most vile, harsh comments.

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It really must be a slow week. Sorry

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I don't know if anyone else said, but last paragraph says "If it means that that great game gets". Not a big deal, just trying to keep your scoops delicious!

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@Demoskinos said:

Uh... still did nothing for me. Dunno we'll see. One thing though absolutely ZERO chance of this being on current hardware. This is going to obviously be a launch title for the new consoles. Also, with assets that crazy Im wondering if a single blu-ray will even be enough?

Actually if you listen to the Special Metal Gear Podcast that 8-4 Play posted last week, Kojima said this is for current gen systems. I know it's hard to believe.