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"Play The Game"

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Steam OS is what Valve was working on when they should have been making Half Life 3.

Maybe one of the other two announcements is Half Life 3. How crazy would that be?

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Of course he's going to say this. They're the competition, and he's a gigantic man.


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I can't find it, but there is a funny moment from a Wii Quick Look awhile ago. It involved being a diver and searching for fish, or something along those lines. When Jeff is swimming through the underwater rock tunnel, Ryan makes a funny/shocking comment followed by several seconds of dead silence. If someone finds it, post a link in here please.

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It hurts....I've been following Ryan since Gamespot's On The Spot. There are no words right now except, God bless you Ryan Davis. You and your family are in my prayers. @jeff It literally hurts to imagine the pain you are feeling. You are in my prayers as well. I can't believe this....

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I would check up on you here and there to see what you were up to after Screened and Whiskey Media sale. At one point it seemed you wrote a strategy guide for Gamespot, then I noticed you were at Gamespy which sadly I think was shut down. It's awesome to see that after all of this, you landed on your feet at Giantbomb. I couldn't be happier for you. I look forward to seeing you pop up on live streams, Quicklooks and not reviewing Fiona Apple CDs:)

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It sounds like what your feeling is normal. As you get older it's inevitable that you will be disappointed/hurt. This is a growing process and it's gets easier as you get older. The crossroad though is what you choose to do with this. 1. You could remain untrusting and not give anyone the benefit of the doubt. 2. You can work through the issues that have caused you to feel this way and let go of the anger/bitterness. This is easier said then done, but it is possible. Keep in mind holding on to hurt/anger that was done to you does not hurt the other person. Forgiveness is for your own mental health and just because you can forgive someone does not mean you are "letting them off the hook".

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Sorry if link doesn't work. I'm sending this from my iPhone, I just didn't want you guys to miss out.

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This is the best deal I've seen thus far and is today only.;=1000855101&pf;_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf;_rd_s=right-blog-0&pf;_rd_r=11TXSSRHQM9695XKQYWY&pf;_rd_t=101&pf;_rd_p=1427825602&pf;_rd_i=384082011