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....I found this guide that details all the major events leading up to Halo 4.

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Too Human was awful, as was X-Men. This is better for the world, at least in that case, to have them destroyed.

Sucks for Silicon Knights, though. I thought they were a good developer, they just got misguided as of late. I really want Eternal Darkness 2, man!

I don't know if I really want a sequel to Eternal Darkenss. Part of me feels like we have such a high view of the first game that a sequel done with today's tech would cause a lot of gamers to complain. Don't think that I wouldn't love to see them try and make a sequel, I just don't know if it would be right.

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Did they ever decide if they were going to release the DLC where you play as humans outside of Japan?

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Ya'll know how make a fella feel right at home. Thank you!!!

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It's weird, but it seems like Halloween is shifting away from being a children's holiday, and becoming something more for the 20-30 crowd. There do seem to be a lot less trick or treaters this year (meaning I need to figure out what to do with two nearly full boxes of full sized Snickers bars!), but here had to be half a dozen Halloween parties at the various clubs around town. I'm pretty sure that wasn't really a thing when I was a little kid, but taking into consideration that I was a little kid back then, that might not really be saying much.

Very true.

I've seen more 'sexy' style costumes in shops geared toward showing a little bit of cleavage more so than children's costumes. It's a shame....or is it?

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A recent podcast brought up discussions of integrity within game journalism. A lot of interesting points were brought during this conversation and I found myself taking a step back and looking at various places where I find my gaming reviews. I have never asked the question, "Who is this person reviewing this game?" I know nothing about them. Do they have a bias to certain genre, are they over/under critical or are they just doing this for a paycheck? These questions never came to mind whenever reading any of this information.

I have a been listening to the Giant Bombcast for a little while now and I feel like I have gotten the chance to get to know the people who are providing me with my gaming information. I can honestly say that after getting a chance to hear some stories from the lesser seen side of game journalism , I found a happy home where I can put all my faith into the people that are presenting me with all this information.

Thank you Giant Bomb. I can see why so many of you Giant Bombers come here now. I am happy to be a part of your community now.