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#1 Posted by JoeyF (110 posts) -

Rories's gotten me hooked on the Solaris soundtrack.

#2 Posted by JoeyF (110 posts) -

This is so god damn great!

#3 Posted by JoeyF (110 posts) -

@Pocky4Th3Win: haha, awww man, that was great! Congratulations!

#4 Posted by JoeyF (110 posts) -

@RazielCuts: You should care cause she poured hours of hard work, and also loads of her personality, into the Tested videos. jus sayin.

#5 Posted by JoeyF (110 posts) -

@gateht: Yeah, it's kind of a drag when that happens, I know how you feel. Send a friend request over to me, I play with quite a few committed guys, and we usually just throw game requests to everyone on our friends list to start up a Horde. Not a perfect system, but it works.

We want to do a 50 wave Hardcore soon!

Gamertag: joeyfameli

#6 Posted by JoeyF (110 posts) -

@Kyreo: How did you guys do?

Myself, ThePaco, Ferdinand, and two friends did Gridlock on Normal. It took us about 3 hours.

#7 Posted by JoeyF (110 posts) -

I'll be actually looking to play to 50 on Saturday morning also -- I got a couple guys to play with, and we might need a few more.

gamertag: joeyfameli

#8 Posted by JoeyF (110 posts) -

How are you guys liking the retro lancer? I find it fun to use, but the exclusion the original lancer seems to be hurting my game quite a bit. The chainsaw's a good lifesaver when you find yourself suddenly surrounded by guys; It's a one hit melee kill, you don't need to have a running start, and it gives you a second or two of a cutscene that will help build back up your life.

#9 Posted by JoeyF (110 posts) -

@myketuna: Ahhh what, you have to unlock insane? I guess I should have known that -- I remembered something from the second one where each player can choose their difficulty. I guess I should boot up the game and check it out.

#10 Posted by JoeyF (110 posts) -

Me and two friends will be starting the campaign tonight at 8:30 pm PST. Anyone interested in being the 4th?

I think we'll be all set to the insane difficulty

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