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@myketuna: Ahhh what, you have to unlock insane? I guess I should have known that -- I remembered something from the second one where each player can choose their difficulty. I guess I should boot up the game and check it out.

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Me and two friends will be starting the campaign tonight at 8:30 pm PST. Anyone interested in being the 4th?

I think we'll be all set to the insane difficulty

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@pat4327: They were pretty amazing, even the weight, texture, and feel of those guns are super legit.

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I'm Producer Joey and this is my favorite store on the Citadel.
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Dudes, thank you so much @wumbo3000 , @vito raliffe , and @stinkyasian -- I have been aiming for that achievement for far too long!

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WEDNESDAY, SEP. 7TH, 2011 -- 10:00 PM PST

So, I'm trying to get to wave 50 to brush up before the new game comes out. I think 40 something is the furthest I've gotten.

Anyone want to try and hit that achievement with me? I'm thinking about jumping on the time listed above. Add me and jump on if you're into it!

Gamertag: joeyfameli

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This is crazy, there's a red phone in our office with people calling!

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#9 Posted by JoeyF (126 posts) -

There's Faye Valentine, Ed and Ein in the hotel, and Spike Spiegal -- probably more. Not quite sure how to activate the appearances of Faye and Spike, but to see Ed and Ein, you jut go to the top of the hotel with all the homeless sleeping in front of it.

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Is thins thing still going?

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