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My last one, I promise.

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I'm sorry...

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You guys are doing great job. Good to know you're holding down the fort with the stuff we can't get to here.

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With the last press conference coming to an end, and so Day 00 of coverage (lots more coming as the video editing is soon to start), here is what I'm most excited for thus far:

Microsoft Press Conference:

A whole lot more of Kinect stuff than I anticipated. Some of the concept tech seemed interesting, and I'm interested in the live TV stuff (even though they never explained how any of that stuff is going to work).

Modern Warfare 3

Looks crazy ridiculous. I, perhaps, am not prepared for this since I never played the second one. Going to catch up soon though to be ready for the third; I really like the first games campaign

All things Halo

I have to admit, I'm a shamelessly loyal Halo fan. I'm going to have a blast replaying through the first campaign with a nice wash and buffer job, and probably play the heck out the multiplayer. And the idea of having another 3 FUCKING HALO TITLES coming out in the future is pretty great. However, with some of my favorite characters like Johnson, Keyes, and the Guilty Spark dead, they're going to need to reintroduce some characters just as, or more awesome, than those cats to keep my interest in that world strong.

Fable Journey and Ryse didn't do a whole lot for me. I don't quite know how Kinect is going to hook me to game with it's technology. Not sure I want to be the controller.

EA Press Conference

Not a huge sports or racing gamer, which was what a lot of the first half of this EA conference was. SSX looks like something I'd be interested in taking for a test run -- it looks like it moves right. Football, soccer, racing, eh. Not my jive.

Also, Sims Social seems very creepy.

Mass Effect 3

Sure, bring it, I'm pot committed at this point. Played the holy hell out of the first two, taking all sorts of different paths. The improvements from the first to the second game were leaps and bounds, and I hope they find new ways to improve on the next iteration. Yelling the voice commands with the Kinect seem like fun -- although, I do that anyway without it.

Battlefield 3

Pretty great showcase of the Frostbit 2 engine; game looks and sounds beautiful. Might check it out, despite what I thought was a rather tame live demo, but I really can only take 1st person warfare games in small doses, and Modern Warfare might wear me down.

Ubisoft Press Conference

An enjoyable looking Rayman, followed by a super hyper active presenter, then rolling into Farcry 3, followed by MR. CAFFEINE, Tintin, Ghost Recon, "HEY GUYS, HEY GUYS, TIME TRAVEL!!!".

Assassins Creed Revelations

Super huge fan of the franchise, and this was a great show ender to an previously dull show. I'm eager to play Old Man Ezio playing pirate, warrior, and heavy weapons specialist, but I'm not sure how much more AC is in me. I think I'm ready for the story to wrap.

Sony Press Conference

I haven't owned a Sony system since the original Playstation, but I hope to pick up a PS3 at some point soon to catch up on Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Metal Gear 3 and so on.

I really want to be excited about some good handheld systems, but Vita looks too much like an elaborate cell-phone gaming system. There were a few gems in the presentation I'd like to keep my eyes on though.

Also, I've never played 3D games, but I go way out of my way to not see a movie in 3D, so, there's that. Not huge on the Move, or MMO's, but I am looking forward to…

Bioshock Infinite

Saw this at Irrational in Boston a while back and was blown away by the demo, and now even more so with the hints of whatever time distortion parallel dimension jumping wackiness they got up their sleeves. Looks beautiful, mesmerizing, and a ton of fun to play. As of now, the game I'm most excited about at the show.

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Great to have you here!

And you make killer coffee -- strong and dark!

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My official beer of SXSW!

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If anyone deserves a Bobblehead made after them, it's Dave.
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I've run a few 10k's and half-marathons.  I'm really trying to at least run and complete one marathon this year.  Maybe the San Diego Rock and Roll marathon, or even one here in San Francisco.

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@CornBREDX: The last couple weeks we've been pushing out 2 big video features a week.  We've sacrificed the daily What to Watch videos for this.  Check out the video pages there, I think you'll dig it.  We also have our Live Screening Room every Wednesday night.
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Here's where we're at so far.  Still waiting on a few...