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@jakob187:  I really need to spend a few nights going through a single malt comparative to find some more gems -- but I throughly like the 25 year old Glenfarclas scotch that I had recently.  That was killer.  Speyside's kind of my go-to (and in my price range) scotch.  It's got a nice smooth refinement to it, while still retaining some of the heavier scotch qualities.  I'm not a big fan of the super peaty scotches like Laphroiag, but I do like some of the milder peat scotches.  
As far as pitbulls go, well, there not banned, but it makes renting an apartment or house a helluva lot harder (there are a LOT of breed restrictions, especially in San Francisco).  I have been to certain dog friendly beaches and parks where they specifically have signs that say "no pitbulls", which is heartbreaking.  And the dog parks that do allow him, usually clear out within a few minutes.  It doesn't help that my pup has one ear (his mom bit it off at birth).  It's a shame.  They have a bad reputation because they're popular with the wrong people.  My dog is super friendly and awesome though. 
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@zicdab: Awwwwwwww.  He's the SWEETEST dog.
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Yeaaaaaah.  Dishwashers suck.  

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Hey guys, sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier.  I, indeed, am the illusive "Joey".
I am a video dude for Whiskey Media; I mainly work on Comic Vine and Screened, but being that I'm Whiskey, I help out the other sites when needed as is the case with e3.  Totally stoked to be here at e3 this year with these guys and hope that with one more of us video guys we'll be able to get you guys even more videoness.
Just to clear up a couple things: I am not a spy andI prefer Joey Lawrence over Matt LeBlanc as my favorite depiction of me on television.
Thanks for the welcome, everyone!

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" Joey? "
Joey. "
... Joey Allard? "
Jason. "