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What? Raikov was Volgan's gay lover, they infer that several times throughout the game and Volgin practically say it later on near the end of MGS 3 when he fights Big Boss. The whole concept of Raikov to begin with was a riff on Raiden being effeminate and of questionable sexualty in MGS2.

It's not like this series doesn't turn its joke characters into important plot points. See: Johnny Sasaki.

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It's even worse when there a visibly scaleable barrier like a knee-high fence or a ledge that the developer forbids you to cross.

The issue there is caused by the knee-high fence or ledge, not by the jumping mechanic. Because removing the ability to jump doesn't magically make the obstacle presented by the fence make sense. If anything, it makes even less sense to have a character who can't jump at all when there's no reason (beside the game's mechanics) that explains why they wouldn't be able.

Unless the character is an elephant, of course.

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He barely ever smiles in 7 hours of video. Why, Destiny, why!?

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An actual Metal Gear Scanlon game. Every time Solid Scanlon shoots a gun, Dan's head pops up Toasty-style and screams "MacGruber!"

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2) Games created for the sole purpose of becoming the next Youtube craze (The 12 Five Nights at Freddies Sequels cranked out at record speed)

I couldn't disagree more with this statement. And I haven't even played one of these games.

If instead of "FNAF 1-4" the developer would have presented the game as an episodic game ("FNAF Ep. 1-4") just like TellTale does, nobody would have even complained about it. If anything, people who have said that it took too much to get from one episode to another! What bothers people is not the frequency of the releases, and not even the semantics of "sequel" vs. "episode": it's the fact that the series is popular with the YouTube crowd. "Real gamers" can't stand "casuals" going apeshit for those games.

Also, "12 sequels" hyperbole. There are only 4 FNAF games released (with a spin-off on the works). That's less episodes than, say, Life is Strange, The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us.

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I was in a similar situation earlier this year. I'm 27 and I played MGS for the first time ever around January or February this year. I finished MGS2 on Vita last week and, oh boy, wasn't that game a much more pleasant experience. I fully agree with everyone above who says that the series gets better as it goes. I'm playing MGS3 on Vita right now and, man, it controls even better. Full 3D camera controls! Yes!

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It's hard to imagine Fallout 4 not getting in the Top 5. Bethesda can't screw it up so badly.

As for the absolute best... I think it'll fall between Super Mario Maker and MGS5. Both games are brimming with innovation and new approaches to tried and true formulas. Everyone has absolutely loved those two games. The Witcher 3 was well liked, but I feel the discussion dried up pretty quickly. And I can't see Bloodborne getting much support from anyone besides Brad.

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Something similar happened to me a few months ago. I was walking towards my girlfriend's house when I saw a young couple arguing. Well, rather, the guy (who was 17 or 18 at most) was shouting like mad at her, and throwing punches in the air. I don't think he wanted to actually punch her, because he could have hit her if he wanted, but, still, he was being very loud and threatening. I decided not to get physically involved, since 1. I would be putting myself in danger and 2. I would be putting the girl in even more danger.

I continued walking up some stairs (since I live in a town which, much like San Francisco, has a shitload of hills). When I reached the top, I called the police while I monitored the situation. He didn't hit her, but he took her phone and left before the police finally arrived. They asked me what had happened, I told them, and they went to see how the girl was doing. Once I saw she was being taken care of, I left.

If the guy had punched her (or something worse) I would have tried to intervene to break the fight. But since no actual physical violence was involved, getting between them would have only escalated the situation, which in turn would have made physical violence even more likely. Besides, I don't know if the guy was carrying some weapon or something. I punch I can deal with. A blade, not so much.

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Yeah, just imagine that you're paying €/$5 for a one-month recharge of your Hearts, Coins... or Bombs. Whatever F2P currency Giant Bomb uses.

They should bring back quests, and if you accrue enough XP, you can gain premium membership time...




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No mention of Wipeout? Shame on you, people. Shame on you.