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A massive purple dildo.

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They are buried with you, so you can game in the afterlife. Ancient Egyptian custom, from the times of the Atari 2600.

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This looks amazing. I wish Nintendo let other developers toy with their IPs more frequently, because the results seem to be, at least so far, very interesting.

But since it's also a thing, and things on the Internet must be loathed by people, I loathe this thing. I can't believe Nintendo is doing something like this. Nintendo is doooooooomed. Dooooooooomed, I say.

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Am I doing this right? Dota people hate LoL people, right?

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I shouldn't buy the console version of a game? Sensible advice indeed.

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Yesterday, I bought a new 750w Corsair PSU and a second GTX 680 to SLI with.

I'm just happy and wanted to tell you guys.

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whats the q stand g for?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual and Queer.

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2012. Because... well, you know why.

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I'm not enjoying this game as I thought I would. The naval stuff is a huge, massive pain in the ass. Traveling, fighting, boarding other ships and attacking forts... fuck it. I appreciate the open-world aspect of the game, but I would have liked it better if it was more focused on land than on the sea...

I'm on my way to meet with Kidd for what I assume will be that mission, so I guess I'm still at the beginning of the game. And that there's still a lot more of sailing to be done... ugh.

Edit: Oh. Great. It's a "stealth" mission. I wonder why Ubisoft insists on making "stealth" mission when they clearly know jack shit about how to make them properly.

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Nintendo + Steam.

Reggie + GabeN.

Make it so.