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Congrats, Vinny!

Now call your second child Min, so you can Min/Max.

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Performance > Aesthetics (Graphics, Sound, Style) = Gameplay (Mechanics, Features) = Writing (Plot, Dialog, Character Interaction, World Building)

I honestly think that a game shouldn't rely on one prominent feature. It has to be more than the sum of its parts. I do prefer a good story over cutting-edge, never-before-seen gameplay mechanics or photographic visuals, sure, but a great game has to shine in every feature it presents the player. That being said, performance is everything. Framerate issues, lag, poor optimization, etc. will make me abandon a game much, much quicker than poor graphics or boring mechanics. I can't understand how some people want "that cinematic feel" and settle for "butter-smooth 30 FPS" that often dips to the high teens. Of course, this varies on a game-per-game basis (CoD isn't Civ, for example), but in general terms, I'll take better performance over better image quality any day.

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I wasn't expecting this and I'm extremely happy about it. I still haven't ever played a MGS, but I bought the first three on Vita and plan to beat them before MGSV is out.

You know what's really, really funny? The plethora of, eh, people who are complaining about this on the Internet. Some are even threatening to "boycott" the game if Konami releases it on PC. "Mods ruin evurreythangggg!" and all that. Pathetic.

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Yeah. Fuck you, Microsoft and Square-Enix.

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As long as Eastman and Laird get their royalties...

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I'm on the same boat. I bought the game plus the expansions yesterday. €20 for all of that + 30 days of game time isn't that bad of a deal, even if I don't renew my sub later on. I'm paying a third of what I'd pay for a new release and getting 10 years worth of content.

WoW is the perfect "play while watching a movie or listening to a podcast" game for me.

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Super Hyper Wii 2': Turbo Remix HD-esque Edition Plus Ultra or burst. That's a name that tells you everything you need to know about the Wii U.

That it's great.

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There is TOO MUCH content now. I will be definitely unsubbing next month. This is not what I'm paying for.

I jest, I jest.

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Smash Bros. for 3DS, of course.

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I've got a 19. I'm a stupid, worthless PoS with a crappy uncalibrated monitor :(