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Supposed to be 4-5 hours long? When brad said in the quicklook of Transistor it sounded like it was supposed to be longer than bastion?

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I tried the PS+ 14 Day Trial when i got my Vita, its about to run out today.

Will the games that are currently downloaded stop working all together when PS+ runs out, and will i only be able to "launch" them as soon as i resubcribe again?

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Thanks for the great answer, yeah i guess your spot on. They need to really push the games that reaches the most audiences.

Sad but true :/

Can someone tell me if Dj Max Technika still is 50 bucks on the store? (Not got my Vita yet)

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@noelveiga: What about the "lines" i have been reading about, is there a chance Sony replaces models with these kind of problems?

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For example can the RPG Action game YS Celceta show up next month? Or do some never show up as a free game on PS+?

What is the feeling you guys get that have had PS+ for a long time?

I can't see DJ Max Technika being released as free for plus members.

These are the games i "want" to see, not the launch/generic/biggest games :S

Sorry for what may be a stupid topic, im super ultra tired when writing this....

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Two more questions:

1. I have read about the OLED Mura, The black spots that appear, is this something all oled's have on the vita, and if they have them, will they become worse with time?

2. How good is the screen brightness on the PS Vita?

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And if i have PS+ for say 4 months and then unsubscribe, do i lose all the games i have "collected" forever? Or just until i start paying again?

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@narujoe93: The guy is agreeing on handing over the account, he is just gonna erase his bankcard info and stuff.

Since i have not used the vita and stuff, how easy would it be to "convert" the account to me?

Can i change the adress, name, and everything and re-add my creditcard stuff?

And also, how does the PS+ thing work? If i for the first time start paying for PS+, will i only get access to the PS+ games that are free "now" and forward? I keep reading about people redeeming games, would i have had access to alot more games if i had PS+ 4 months ago up until now?

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@narujoe93: Thanks, i guess it would not be that hard to resell it for 100 bucks if i got tired fast right?

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