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About time!

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This is getting way out of hand!

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Fthreear! I love that game!

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I remember when Nintendo said that there were going to be only one wii, so people don't get confused and so there isn't any like, divide in the consumer base. The DS is like the total opposite of that, in every way. Hell, I'm confused even.

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@Zaffa said:
" I just picked those up. Mostly been playing Domination, just started playing as Squad Leader. Probably not doing THAT right though- So far I've been camping in a bunker abusing the powers. But hey, the novelty'll wear off eventually. "
Atleast you are using them. :P And issue some FRAGOs to where the action is, or where it is needed. Most people appreciate the XP bonus for attacking an objective.
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@intarcouch said:
"Also, what PMC are you and whats your PSN? Maybe, we can play sometime and you can see how you can not take anything too seriously and still get whatever you want to get out of your game."
My tag? Zdybal on PSN and I play as Raven. :)
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If you want 100 vs 100 matches with people just standing on two sides and shooting at eachother... Play a small Counter Strike map with 64 players. Alot of people in a small space, yeah. Fun? Nope. It just becomes a stalemate with people dying, respawning, dying, respawning... You cant advance, you cant sneak, you cant do your objectives. It just becomes a big lump of a mess that feels like broken TDM.
People have done this in BF2, adding more players and playing on the smaller maps, and sure, it might look chaotic and fun but it really isn't. The game works much better now and its more about global teamwork than people just shooting at eachother. You dont need to be the best shot in history, since in MAG, there are so many players that some go around and repair stuff and heal people, some snipe etc. There is always a role for everyone.
In Gears of War, as an example, if you don't do your job correctly there, the whole team suffers since the teams are so small, every soldier alive is important. In MAG, people can go around and repair bunkers and gates or set up claymore defences, because there are alot of other people supressing the enemy while you do that. And thats what makes it work.

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Only cosmetic, the only thing that affects armor is the light, medium or heavy setup.

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Well, it's good that people are playing medics.. Isn't it? How annoying isn't it when you have a medic sitting ON YOUR CORPSE and just watching you bleed out. JUST HEAL ME DAMMIT! :(
Oh yeah, that picture. Priceless! Must be quite fun to attack against Raven (I'm Raven myself) the Raven defenses feel pretty balanced for attacking and defence.

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@President_Barackbar said:
" @Johanz said:
" The limited edition could have been bundled with a headset atleast. I don't own a bluetooth headset and I feel the urge to invest in one! "
Take it from me, unless you plan on buying an expensive bluetooth or the official PS3 one, buy a usb headset. "
Was actually thinking about the official one, but yeah, USB headset is alright too. Easier to manage and no batteries. Hm might go with a USB one instead. Then I can use it easily with my computer too!