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Everyone should watch this, it's truly, epic, shit.

Posted by clubsandwich

1:36, 2:17, 2:46, 3:06, good shit. :D

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... :O
... :D

Nice vid John :P
Epic shit indeed.

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Posted by Absurd

Lmao, Awesome

Posted by Otacon

Guy's got skills.

Posted by TheGTAvaccine

Lol'ed hard.

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This makes me love the french =)

Posted by TheGreatGuero

That was great.

Posted by EvilTwin

Amazing.  Simply amazing.

Posted by Dudacles

Some of that stuff was unbelievable.

Posted by Stunt

Wow, that was amazing. Is this guy on any soccer teams?

Posted by Tovan

That was amazing, this guy has skills.

Posted by zityz

wow pretty amazing stuff.

Posted by Manks

haha.  This was definitely worth watching before I die.

Posted by Oljud

HAHA love the guy on the bike