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Im pretty happy with my LG 42in. No idea what the input lag is. Its 1080p, 120HZ. I have to set up for dual monitor with a 21in dell monitor. Might replace that next year with something bigger. Sadly I use the 21in more because its closer. 42in is like 6-7ft back. I use that more as a TV to watch movies off my PC.

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Im more put off that more and more content has been put behind premium doors as time goes on. Site has been on a slow decline for a long time. Miss the early days when it was this new and unique thing that was thrown together because its what they were building something they loved, were trying new things just to make content. Now a corporate vibe has just kinda slowly creep-ed in around the edges.

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The sims is an awful franchise and needs to die in a fire!

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Ugh JJ Abrams....Awful Star Trek remakes....The man can start off a season of a new show and make it pretty fucking amazing....Then it turns to a downward slide of trash, like opps we forgot to write season 2! Let me wipe my ass with this script for every season after!

I also loved Downpour! It had great atmosphere! The rain was a interesting twist, it gave reason to run and hide indoors and explore. The town actually felt lived in with the side quests. I felt like a voyeur trespassing in someones home exploring for clues. That game is really underrated imo.

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I just read that he just found out that he has Parkinsons disease. Parkinsons is caused/causes lower dopamine levels which also causes mild to severe depression. So his suicide may well have been part of a medical condition, and he may not have been in full control of his actions at the time do to the imbalance. Depression is VERY hard to control. It physically changes the way you think drastically.

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I could care less if it was Xbox one only. I have one, and will get a PS4 at some point when there is actually a game on the system I want to own *cough Bloodborne*. Still was kinda cool of him to give away as much as he did. He really shouldnt have from a business stand point, so thats really decent of him to even talk about it!

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Sounds great! Glad to see the series isnt disappearing. I guess Im one of the few people of actually loved Downpour. I thought it had great atmosphere. The rain was a intelligent spin over just having the fog everywhere. It gave a nice sense of dread, a real reason to take shelter and explore the buildings when the rain started to pour.

I also really loved the side quests. It gave the town a lived in feel. I felt like a bit of a voyeur rummaging through the empty homes and learning about the people who lived there. It was rough around the edges like every Silent Hill game, but ended up being my favorite next to Silent Hill 2 which doenst hold up all that well today. Sad it was generally shit on. Looking at you Patrick! People have such weird expectations with Silent Hill and horror games in general. If it doesnt hit the right notes, they just want nothing to do with it.

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Hes never had ketchup? How in god fucking name do you make it that far in life without having ketchup? That is BEYOND weird!

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I've been kind of interested in Berserk for a while now, as I like dark fantasy. Any recommendation on if I should start with those new movies, or start at the beginning of the manga, or some other spot?

Id watch the anime over the movies. Otherwise read the manga.

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Is there an anime and is it worth it?

There was an anime back in the 90s I think? Its very good but only one season or first couple of arcs of the manga. There are 3 new movies which cover the exact same story as the anime. They are well done all in all, but I enjoyed the anime more. Mind fuck of an ending.